Warwick, Queensland, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CORY, Charles Francis  5 Jul 1925Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21648
2 CORY, John Henry  28 Dec 1920Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21647
3 FOSTER, Col. William James ,C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., of Duntroon Military College, Australia  8 Dec 1881Warwick, Queensland, Australia I2350
4 GORE, George Bowen  1860Warwick, Queensland, Australia I22624
5 HUTTON, Alexander  1866Warwick, Queensland, Australia I5559
6 HUTTON, Ann  1856Warwick, Queensland, Australia I5557
7 HUTTON, John  1868Warwick, Queensland, Australia I5558
8 HUTTON, Margaret  1864Warwick, Queensland, Australia I5561
9 HUTTON, Robert Andrew  1860Warwick, Queensland, Australia I5560
10 HUTTON, William ,of Mona Lodge, Hoxton Park,New South Wales  1858Warwick, Queensland, Australia I985
11 MCALLISTER, Maj. Adam ,of the Tenterfield Mounted Rifles  5 Mar 1869Warwick, Queensland, Australia I18765
12 POLLARD, Maimie Everyl  9 Apr 1912Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21381
13 SHEEHAN, Margaret  1858Warwick, Queensland, Australia I13944
14 WAUGH, Athol John Oxley"Pat"  17 Mar 1919Warwick, Queensland, Australia I12471
15 WILLIAMS, Florence Warwick  3 Oct 1897Warwick, Queensland, Australia I26840
16 WOOD, Thomas John Alexander  16 Feb 1870Warwick, Queensland, Australia I25101


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BELL, Mary Anne ,daughter of William Sims Bell , of Scone,NSW  1935Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21301
2 CORY, Elsie Vacy"Ness"  17 May 1987Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21384
3 CORY, Fitzroy Bell"Roy"  12 Jul 1955Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21373
4 CORY, George Gilbert ,Manager of ‘Tooloom’’ , and ‘Gordon Brook’ Stations  13 Dec 1956Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21271
5 CORY, Henry ,of "Vermont",Warwick.Qld  1936Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21275
6 CORY, Maimiline Agnes Bell  25 Jan 1961Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21370
7 CRAPP, Ernest Alfred ,Grazier, of "Myanbah",Yarrowyck,NSW  19 Mar 1960Warwick, Queensland, Australia I26273
8 CROMBIE, David William Alexander  15 Aug 1957Warwick, Queensland, Australia I24395
9 GORE, George Bowen  17 May 1869Warwick, Queensland, Australia I22624
10 GORE, Grace  11 Jul 1894Warwick, Queensland, Australia I22629
11 GORE, St George Richard ,of Bodumba ,via Warwick,Queensland,Australia  16 Aug 1871Warwick, Queensland, Australia I22619
12 HUTTON, David  4 Aug 1885Warwick, Queensland, Australia I5555
13 HUTTON, Eliza Jane  11 Aug 1946Warwick, Queensland, Australia I17721
14 HUTTON, Robert Andrew  1860Warwick, Queensland, Australia I5560
15 MACLACHLAN, Robert Smith ,of "MacIntyre Brook", Darling Downs,Queensland.  13 Apr 1854Warwick, Queensland, Australia I14735
16 MARSHALL, Margaret  21 Jul 1908Warwick, Queensland, Australia I5556
17 NEEDHAM, Francis Jack  15 Oct 1895Warwick, Queensland, Australia I22717
18 NEEDHAM, Frederick Corbet  28 Jun 1903Warwick, Queensland, Australia I22715
19 NEEDHAM, Grace Gore  31 Mar 1885Warwick, Queensland, Australia I22716
20 NEEDHAM, Selina Grace  11 Apr 1876Warwick, Queensland, Australia I22718
21 OGG, Edward Gordon  1 Jul 1980Warwick, Queensland, Australia I15707
22 OGG, Sheila Selwyn  3 Aug 1933Warwick, Queensland, Australia I15730
23 POLLARD, Edward Henry Trevor  1945Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21645
24 POLLARD, Maimie Everyl  29 Oct 1921Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21381
25 SMITH, Terence Sylvester  1962Warwick, Queensland, Australia I17733
26 SWINBURNE, Charles of North Toolburra Station , Darling Downs,Queensland,Australia  26 Feb 1901Warwick, Queensland, Australia I28272
27 WHITE, Mary Ann  10 Sep 1944Warwick, Queensland, Australia I5387
28 WISEMAN, Estelle Jean  12 Jan 1943Warwick, Queensland, Australia I21357


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CAMERON, Roderick Duncan  Warwick, Queensland, Australia I761
2 EVANS, John Hansen  10 Mar 1989Warwick, Queensland, Australia I4218


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / LORD  1911Warwick, Queensland, Australia F7313
2 WARREN / CASTLE  7 Sep 1904Warwick, Queensland, Australia F1677
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