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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BLACKWOOD-O'REILLY, Claude Hamilton  1873New Zealand I18194
2 BLACKWOOD-O'REILLY, Florence Sophia  1879New Zealand I18196
3 BLACKWOOD-O'REILLY, John Caleb  1872New Zealand I18195
4 BLACKWOOD-O'REILLY, Sydney Pinkston  1877New Zealand I18197
5 CLARK, Barbara Helen  1879New Zealand I10621
6 CLARK, Elizabeth Gould  1884New Zealand I10623
7 CLARK, Helena  1883New Zealand I10624
8 CLARK, Isabella Porritt  1891New Zealand I10622
9 CREAGH, Charles Hamilton Vandeleur  1866New Zealand I27687
10 EVANS, Maria Seabelle  1888New Zealand I25104
11 HAULTAIN, Caroline Annie  13 Apr 1860New Zealand I25308
12 HAULTAIN, Elinor Elizabeth"Lizzie"  26 Oct 1855New Zealand I25310
13 HAULTAIN, Henry Graham  4 Oct 1862New Zealand I25309
14 HAULTAIN, James Frederick  25 Jan 1859New Zealand I25305
15 HAULTAIN, Jane Letitia  2 Dec 1853New Zealand I25311
16 HAULTAIN, Philip Charles  16 Sep 1857New Zealand I25307
17 HAULTAIN, Theodore William  1851New Zealand I25306
18 HAYWARD, Beatrice Kenrick  6 Nov 1891New Zealand I17613
19 HAYWARD, Cecil Kenrick  24 Dec 1900New Zealand I17612
20 HAYWARD, Able Seaman. Howard Kenrick ,of Parnell,New Zealand.  23 May 1898New Zealand I17614
21 HENDERSON, Brian Weir ,television newsreader   I24888
22 KAHI, Maka ,"Maka Ngarama"  Abt 1815New Zealand I12467
23 KENNEDY, James Varuna  29 Nov 1908New Zealand I26789
24 LEECE, Ada Elizabeth Ann  1888New Zealand I25485
25 LEECE, Ellen Alice  1871New Zealand I25491
26 LEECE, John Alexander  1889New Zealand I25487
27 LEECE, Richard Henry  1887New Zealand I25484
28 LEECE, William Horatio  1873New Zealand I25490
29 LEECE, William Thomas  1885New Zealand I25489
30 MACKENZIE-ROSS, Dr. Francis Wallace  1860New Zealand I25016
31 MCCALLUM, Jante (Jill)   I19671
32 MCEWAN, Agnes Montgomery  1848New Zealand I19258
33 MCKAY, Murdoch  1887New Zealand I17731
34 MUNRO, Hugh Breton ,son of John Thompson Munro and Jayne Jurakovich  1908New Zealand I19672
35 MURRAY, Sydney Perritt  1881New Zealand I2065
36 NEVIN, Harold Ernest  1885New Zealand I23847
37 NEVIN, John  19 Dec 1886New Zealand I23848
38 NEVIN, Madeline Erskine  21 Nov 1884New Zealand I23846
39 NORTH, Alexandra Anne"Sandra"   I13094
40 NORTH, Christopher John Holloway   I13097
41 NORTH, Nicola Henri   I13095
42 NORTH, Phillipa Kathryn   I13096
43 O'REILLY, Elizabeth Hannay  11 Feb 1876New Zealand I18178
44 O'REILLY, Kathleen Pinkstan  13 Aug 1878New Zealand I18179
45 O'REILLY, Sophia Mary Barnes Blackwood  1870New Zealand I18176
46 O'REILLY, William Pinkstan Blackwood  1883New Zealand I18180
47 PHARAZYN, Neil Charles  Abt 1908New Zealand I87
48 PRENTICE, Anthony Oulton Sutherland  24 Jan 1924New Zealand I12967
49 PRENTICE, Audrey Alexandra Oulton  21 Jul 1922New Zealand I12965
50 RAWSON, Agnes Elizabeth  1904New Zealand I17539

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARMSTRONG, Annie Janet  1957New Zealand I17534
2 CARBERY, Mary Elizabeth Thomasina Adelaide"Meta" ,daughter of Surgeon Carbery,of the 14th Foot  1953New Zealand I18039
3 CRISP, Mavis Lister  1990New Zealand I26790
4 EVANS, Joseph Harold ,of Kaiapoi ,New Zealand  1926New Zealand I25131
5 FAIRWEATHER, Jane Anne  1919New Zealand I25132
6 GREEN, Reginald Burdett  6 Apr 1991New Zealand I15087
7 HAYWARD, Beatrice Kenrick  1972New Zealand I17613
8 HAYWARD, Cecil Kenrick  1974New Zealand I17612
9 HAYWARD, Able Seaman. Howard Kenrick ,of Parnell,New Zealand.  1974New Zealand I17614
10 HICKS, Gladys Irene  21 Jul 1960New Zealand I18719
11 HOLMES, Margaret ,daughter of Rev. John Holmes,of Waterford  1914New Zealand I17434
12 KAHI, Maka ,"Maka Ngarama"  1857New Zealand I12467
13 KENNEDY, James Varuna  1975New Zealand I26789
14 KERR, Cecilia Butters  1948New Zealand I17536
15 LEECE, Edwin ,of Parnell,Auckland,New Zealand  1946New Zealand I17437
16 LEECE, James Danvers  1937New Zealand I25480
17 LEECE, John William ,grazier,of Ngaheia,Bay of Islands, New Zealand  1890New Zealand I17401
18 LEECE, Margaret Mary  1948New Zealand I17438
19 MACKENZIE-ROSS, Dr. Francis Wallace  25 Jun 1934New Zealand I25016
20 MCCALLUM, Alpha Phyllis  1989New Zealand I19667
21 MCCALLUM, Lachlan Duncan ,son of Donald McCallum  1949New Zealand I19665
22 MCEWAN, Robert  1873New Zealand I19254
23 NEVIN, Harold Ernest  1886New Zealand I23847
24 NEVIN, John  19 Oct 1933New Zealand I23848
25 NEVIN, Madeline Erskine  23 Sep 1972New Zealand I23846
26 PERRITT, John Cameron  23 Jun 1874New Zealand I21654
27 PILE, Mary Isabella  1951New Zealand I17535
28 PRENTICE, Anthony Oulton Sutherland  2008New Zealand I12967
29 PRENTICE, Audrey Alexandra Oulton  31 Oct 1984New Zealand I12965
30 PURTELL, James Walter  1956New Zealand I5530
31 RAWSON, Cecil Thomas  1981New Zealand I17537
32 RAWSON, Edward Herbert Shore ,Farmer,of Whakatane,New Zealand  1912New Zealand I17532
33 RAWSON, John Kerr  1992New Zealand I17541
34 RAWSON, Robert  1984New Zealand I17540
35 RAWSON, Robert Ernest King ,Farmer ,of East Tamaki,Auckland,New Zealand  1931New Zealand I17533
36 RAWSON, Robert Tudor Armstrong  1991New Zealand I17544
37 RAWSON, Thomas Henry Thomber ,of Opotiki,New Zealand  1943New Zealand I17531
38 RAWSON, Thomas Hunter Pile  1994New Zealand I17550
39 RAWSON, William Edward Gerard  2000New Zealand I17551
40 SAMUEL, Albert Moeller ,of The Phoenix Aerated Water Co.,Wellington,N.Z.  1963New Zealand I14937
41 UNIACKE, Francis Phillipps ,of Bay of Islands,New Zealand  1941New Zealand I18038
42 UNIACKE, Geraldine Fitzgerald  1981New Zealand I18043
43 UNIACKE, Mary Elizabeth  1988New Zealand I18040
44 UNIACKE, Norman Loman William  1981New Zealand I18041
45 VAUGHAN, Minerva"Minnie"  1979New Zealand I15088
46 WHITSON, Robert  1946New Zealand I17440


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLARK / FERGUSON  1878New Zealand F4431
2 EVANS / FAIRWEATHER  1871New Zealand F8490
3 GREEN / VAUGHAN  24 Sep 1927New Zealand F6383
4 HAYWARD / HUNTER  1926New Zealand F7235
5 HAYWARD / LEECE  1890New Zealand F7214
6 HUMFREY / WRIGHT  1909New Zealand F5868
7 HUTTON / EVANS  1928New Zealand F8479
8 KENNEDY / CRISP  1931New Zealand F9041
9 KENNEDY / JOLLY  1933New Zealand F84
10 KENNEDY / SELBIE  1908New Zealand F8145
11 LEATHAM / PERRITT  1896New Zealand F4430
12 NEILSON / DEANS  1905New Zealand F241
13 NEILSON / KENNEDY  8 Aug 1945New Zealand F92
14 NORTH / PRENTICE  10 Dec 1944New Zealand F5576
15 O'REILLY / SKUDDER  1888New Zealand F7448
16 PERRITT / FERGUSON  1871New Zealand F8127
17 RAWSON / ARMSTRONG  1904New Zealand F7211
18 RAWSON / KERR  1898New Zealand F7213
19 RAWSON / PILE  1900New Zealand F7212
20 RAWSON / RUST  1921New Zealand F8665
21 WHITSON / LEECE  1901New Zealand F7178
22 WRIGHT / HENRY  1872New Zealand F5912
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