Bristol, Gloucestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRYANT, William ,of Bristol,England  7 Jul 1822Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13595
2 CHESNEY, Andrew Alasdair Stirling   I5853
3 DANGER, Pleasance Anne  3 Jul 1908Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I12716
4 DIMOLINE, Maria Louisa  1849Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13487
5 FEDDEN, Ellen Agnew  1856Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I17826
6 GAY, Eliza  9 Mar 1823Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13578
7 GOODMAN, Lilian   I19586
8 HOSGOOD, Percy ,Panel Beater  1905Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I20438
9 LUSK, Arthur James  1868Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13602
10 LUSK, Benjamin  1822Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13585
11 LUSK, Benjamin  1851Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13601
12 LUSK, Eliza Lavinia  1846Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13591
13 LUSK, Elizabeth  1818Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13584
14 LUSK, Emily Sarah  1849Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13600
15 LUSK, Fanny  1837Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13590
16 LUSK, George  1826Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13588
17 LUSK, George  1853Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13599
18 LUSK, Helen Maud  1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13604
19 LUSK, Herbert George ,of Elsternwick,Victoria,Australia  1873Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I5477
20 LUSK, James Burton ,of Bristol, Gloucestershire, England  1820Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13577
21 LUSK, Mary Ann  1829Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13587
22 LUSK, Sarah  1824Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13586
23 LUSK, William  1831Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13589
24 MASEY, Edward Gostwyck  1819Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I10427
25 PARK, Florence E.  1870Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13598
26 PARK, Frederick George  1878Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13594
27 PARK, Thomas Frederick  1876Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13593
28 PARK, William Charles  1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13613
29 PIRRET, Debra   I19576
30 PIRRET, Mark   I19577
31 PIRRET, Simon   I19578
32 PIRRET, Stacey   I19588
33 POLE, Eleanor  28 Dec 1823Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13596
34 RIDOUT, Joseph Davis  21 Aug 1807Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I16044
35 SYMONDS, Marivelle Mary Isabella ,daughter of Dr. John Addington Symonds,of Clifton  1837Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8475
36 THOMAS, Sarah  1796Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13583
37 THRESHER, Bessie Mary  1875Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I1774
38 THRESHER, Elizabeth Emma  1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I1782
39 THRESHER, Henry Foot"Harry" ,of Roseville,New South Wales,Australia  1871Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I1783
40 THRESHER, Mabel Mountjoy  1879Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I1781
41 WALCOTT, Catherine Eliza  17 Dec 1846Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I24736
42 WELLS, Mary Ann  20 Mar 1803Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I18613


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 LUSK, Arthur James  29 Nov 1868Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13602
2 LUSK, Benjamin  29 Jun 1851Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13601
3 LUSK, Emily Sarah  22 Apr 1849Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13600
4 LUSK, Fanny  10 Sep 1837Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13590
5 LUSK, Frederick William  8 May 1870Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13603
6 LUSK, Helen Maud  3 Mar 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13604
7 LUSK, Herbert George ,of Elsternwick,Victoria,Australia  16 Nov 1873Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I5477
8 LUSK, William  18 Sep 1831Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13589
9 PARK, Frederick George  7 Aug 1878Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13594
10 PARK, Thomas Frederick  23 Feb 1876Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13593
11 PARK, William Charles  27 Mar 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13613


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLAIR, Patricia Kathleen Margaret  29 Mar 2006Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I23249
2 DANGER, Pleasance Anne  21 Oct 1988Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I12716
3 EARNSHAW, Rachel Ann  11 Mar 1888Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I14692
4 ESCOTT, John Kirkpatrick ,Jnr , Esq,of Montague St,Bristol,Gloucestershire.  1798Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I11763
5 LUSK, Benjamin  1855Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13601
6 MASEY, Frances Cory  1867Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8970
7 MCCLURE, John Knox ,of The Links,Shirehampton,Bristol  27 Dec 1982Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I23248
8 PARK, William John  1901Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13592
9 PIRRET, Archibald King Paterson  1987Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I19571
10 THOMAS, Sarah  1854Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13583
11 THOMPSON, Noel Bennett  2004Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I23580
12 WALCOTT, Edmund Scopali  12 Mar 1831Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13794


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRYANT / POLE  1844Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F5798
2 LUSK / GAY  10 Sep 1843Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F5791
3 PARK / LUSK  1866Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F5794
4 PIRRET / GAIT  1960Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F2574
5 ROUSSIN / DIMOLINE  23 Dec 1869Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F5766
6 THRESHER / FOOT  1867Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F507
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