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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, William John  1845Belfast, Ireland I4272
2 BANNATYNE, Ian  6 Jun 1921Belfast, Ireland I13459
3 BEGGS, William Bowden ,of Clifton,County Antrim  1883Belfast, Ireland I24501
4 BLACK, Anna Dorothy  1904Belfast, Ireland I21925
5 BLACK, Charles William ,Solicitor  1859Belfast, Ireland I21922
6 BLACK, Eileen Archer  1902Belfast, Ireland I21924
7 BLACK, Grace Kirkpatrick  1908Belfast, Ireland I21926
8 BLACK, Sheila Wilhelmina  1910Belfast, Ireland I21927
9 BRICE-SMITH, Jean  1 Dec 1915Belfast, Ireland I23521
10 BROWN, Cillian James   I28163
11 BROWN, Donald Frederick   I15587
12 BROWN, John Jnr  7 Apr 1755Belfast, Ireland I8296
13 CAMPBELL, Robert "Robbie" ,Manufacturer  1905Belfast, Ireland I17782
14 CAMPBELL, Dr. William Stewart "Bill" ,Gynaecologist of Samaritan Hospital, Belfast  17 Nov 1907Belfast, Ireland I17783
15 CHANCELLOR, Alfred Austin ,MB ChB,of Tweed Heads,Queeensland,Australia  10 Aug 1876Belfast, Ireland I23751
16 CHANCELLOR, Dr. Charles Hurst ,M. D,of Gladstone,Sth Aust,and Kyoomba,Queensland  15 Mar 1873Belfast, Ireland I23744
17 CHANCELLOR, Ephraim James  1863Belfast, Ireland I28388
18 CHANCELLOR, Jane"Jeanie"  23 Jan 1871Belfast, Ireland I23743
19 CHANCELLOR, Josias Alexander ,B. A., Shipbuilder ,of Cromwell House,Belfast,Ireland  14 Nov 1868Belfast, Ireland I23742
20 CHANCELLOR, Mary  3 Jan 1867Belfast, Ireland I23733
21 CHANCELLOR, Unnamed  26 Nov 1878Belfast, Ireland I28390
22 CHESTNUT, John Simpson  19 Oct 1888Belfast, Ireland I16965
23 CHESTNUT, William Wallace  12 Dec 1902Belfast, Ireland I17082
24 COLVILLE, Thomas  Belfast, Ireland I16643
25 CRAWLEY, Robert J. ,of Belfast ,and Lindsays Brewery,of Bourke,NSW  1848Belfast, Ireland I25389
26 CROMIE, Audrey Margaret   I16974
27 CROMIE, Constable John White"Jack" ,of the Royal Ulster Constabulary,D. C. M.  9 Oct 1884Belfast, Ireland I16968
28 CROMIE, Joyce Kathleen   I16973
29 CROMIE, Margaret Gilmore Chestnutt  1886Belfast, Ireland I16969
30 DOWDS, Eliza Jane  4 May 1874Belfast, Ireland I4069
31 FINLAY, Rev. Arthur Gayer ,son of Charles Finlay, Belfast, Ireland  1859Belfast, Ireland I27406
32 FORTUNE, Mary Helena ,nee Wilson  Abt 1833Belfast, Ireland I25812
33 GILMER, Georgina Catherine ,Book Keeper  1880Belfast, Ireland I16955
34 GILMER, James Alexander ,of Cromac, County Antrim  1876Belfast, Ireland I16953
35 GILMER, Margaret Mary Maud  1883Belfast, Ireland I16957
36 GILMER, Victor Watters  31 Jan 1881Belfast, Ireland I16956
37 GRAY, Cissy  1905Belfast, Ireland I25170
38 GRAY, John  1907Belfast, Ireland I25171
39 GRAY, Robert  1910Belfast, Ireland I25172
40 GRAY, Roberta  1903Belfast, Ireland I25169
41 HAMILTON, Margaret ,daughter of William H. Hamilton  1852Belfast, Ireland I24224
42 HOUSTON, Anna Roberta  1891Belfast, Ireland I5188
43 HOUSTON, Elizabeth J. "Bessie"  1896Belfast, Ireland I5193
44 HOUSTON, Rev. James Walter ,of Kells Presbyterian Church  1894Belfast, Ireland I5190
45 HOUSTON, Sarah  Belfast, Ireland I5191
46 HOUSTON, William Robert  1893Belfast, Ireland I5189
47 KERR, Robert ,Grocer,of Pottinger , County Down  1860Belfast, Ireland I16948
48 KILLEN, William Young  5 May 1875Belfast, Ireland I24643
49 KINGHAN, John Richard ,of Indianapolis,USA  6 Aug 1874Belfast, Ireland I23509
50 KIRK, Elizabeth Mary"Lillie"  1865Belfast, Ireland I12162

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anna  2 Jun 1916Belfast, Ireland I13841
2 BENAUGH, Rev. George ,Pastor of the Knockbracken Church  3 Dec 1919Belfast, Ireland I16906
3 BULLOCH, Mary Elizabeth Cooke  2 Jun 1965Belfast, Ireland I23817
4 CAMPBELL, Dr. William Stewart "Bill" ,Gynaecologist of Samaritan Hospital, Belfast  7 Jul 1966Belfast, Ireland I17783
5 CHANCELLOR, Unnamed  26 Nov 1878Belfast, Ireland I28390
6 CHESTNUT, Rachel Armstrong "Ann"  15 May 1915Belfast, Ireland I16940
7 CHESTNUT, William Wallace  7 Jan 1906Belfast, Ireland I17082
8 CONNOLLY, Mary Jane  12 Oct 1917Belfast, Ireland I5184
9 CRAMSIE, Jane  12 Sep 1916Belfast, Ireland I23866
10 GILMER, Nanette Evelyn Wallace  18 Jul 1901Belfast, Ireland I16958
11 GILMORE, Margaret  26 Jan 1883Belfast, Ireland I16939
12 GORDON, James Andrew ,of Belfast Bank House, Larne, County Antrim  27 Apr 1907Belfast, Ireland I11423
13 GRAY, Lizzie S.  29 Nov 1977Belfast, Ireland I25166
14 GRAY, Robert John , Tram Driver  11 Jul 1961Belfast, Ireland I25161
15 HAMILTON, Matilda Small  26 Feb 1905Belfast, Ireland I27196
16 HOUSTON, John W. ,Bookkeeper of Eia St,Belfast  9 Mar 1934Belfast, Ireland I5187
17 HOUSTON, William Robert  8 Aug 1942Belfast, Ireland I5189
18 KILLEN, William ,of Nashville ,Malone Park ,Belfast  27 Nov 1905Belfast, Ireland I24644
19 KINNEAR, James ,Merchant,of Ballymena  28 Oct 1891Belfast, Ireland I27224
20 KINNEAR, James West ,Cashier  19 Nov 1921Belfast, Ireland I27235
21 KIRKPATRICK, Alexander  7 Jul 1880Belfast, Ireland I27876
22 KIRKPATRICK, Mary Jane  12 Jun 1868Belfast, Ireland I11649
23 LAMONT, Matilda"Tillie"  25 May 1960Belfast, Ireland I23102
24 LOUGHEAD, Archibald Alexander  15 Apr 1830Belfast, Ireland I28175
25 LOUGHEAD, Robert Henry  17 Apr 1908Belfast, Ireland I17896
26 LYONS, Rev. Robert Nevin ,Minister of Ballenon and Ballylane Reformed Presbyterian Churches  11 Jan 1961Belfast, Ireland I23710
27 MATHEWS, Dora Adeline  1870Belfast, Ireland I17393
28 MATHEWS, Lily Leece  1871Belfast, Ireland I17392
29 MCCAMMON, Agnes Vida  13 Feb 1964Belfast, Ireland I26657
30 MCCAMMON, Hester Mary  1 Dec 1961Belfast, Ireland I26659
31 MCCAMMON, Hugh Wallace ,Provision Merchant  1 Mar 1936Belfast, Ireland I26640
32 MCCAMMON, James  25 May 1942Belfast, Ireland I26662
33 MCCAMMON, John ,Consulting Mechanical Engineer  31 May 1909Belfast, Ireland I27238
34 MCCAMMON, Mary Elizabeth Hammond"Molly"  2 Dec 1951Belfast, Ireland I24290
35 MCCLELLAND, Andrew  1918Belfast, Ireland I21968
36 MCCREADY, Christopher Teeling ,Assistant Curate, of St Audoen, Dublin, Ireland  1913Belfast, Ireland I18355
37 MCELDERRY, Anne"Annie"  1968Belfast, Ireland I3856
38 MCELDERRY, Robert Knox ,Emeritus Prof. , Queen's University,Belfast  10 Jul 1949Belfast, Ireland I18957
39 MCELDERRY, Dr. Sara Lyle ,M. D. ,Missionary , of Borsad, Gujarat, India  10 Dec 1961Belfast, Ireland I18911
40 MEGAW, Margaret Isabel  22 Aug 2008Belfast, Ireland I12205
41 MEGAW, Hon. Robert Dick M.P Judge of the High Court of Ireland  2 May 1947Belfast, Ireland I3855
42 MOORE, Isabella"Ella"  1901Belfast, Ireland I10509
43 MURRAY, William  7 Apr 1977Belfast, Ireland I25173
44 OULTON, Rev Charles ,Rector of Kilmore,County Down,Northern Ireland  3 Oct 1845Belfast, Ireland I5262
45 PINKERTON, Mary Jane  12 Aug 1952Belfast, Ireland I27580
46 RANKIN, James Adair Pilson ,Optician  3 Aug 1933Belfast, Ireland I26956
47 SKELLY, Sarah Anne ,later of Eglantine Avenue, Belfast  26 Nov 1925Belfast, Ireland I18183
48 SMITH, Lt. Col. Ian Mackintosh ,Somerset Light Infantry  9 Oct 1958Belfast, Ireland I13673
49 TWEED, Janie Elizabeth  27 Sep 1943Belfast, Ireland I26955
50 TWEED, Neill Robinson ,Commercial Traveller of Belfast  25 Aug 1894Belfast, Ireland I27370

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CROMIE / LAVERY  18 Dec 1922Belfast, Ireland F7020
2 MURPHY / CLARKE  27 May 1903Belfast, Ireland F9155
3 MURRAY / GRAY  1918Belfast, Ireland F8504
4 OULTON / MCCREADY  13 Oct 1913Belfast, Ireland F5572
5 SMYTH / YOXALL  1887Belfast, Ireland F8582
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