Smeeth, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 FAGG, Elizabeth  1769Smeeth, Kent, England I27633
2 FAGG, John  1773Smeeth, Kent, England I27635
3 FAGG, Susanna  1776Smeeth, Kent, England I27626
4 FAGG, William  1771Smeeth, Kent, England I27636
5 LORD, Catharine  1812Smeeth, Kent, England I27630
6 LORD, David  1806Smeeth, Kent, England I27629
7 LORD, David ,aka William Lord  1827Smeeth, Kent, England I1009
8 LORD, Martha  1810Smeeth, Kent, England I27631
9 LORD, Mary  1800Smeeth, Kent, England I27628
10 LORD, Mary Ann  9 Apr 1829Smeeth, Kent, England I27616
11 LORD, Richard ,of Smeeth, Kent, England  1802Smeeth, Kent, England I27613
12 LORD, Thomas ,of Smeeth, Kent, England  1777Smeeth, Kent, England I27625
13 LORD, Thomas  1804Smeeth, Kent, England I27627
14 LORD, Thomas  1824Smeeth, Kent, England I27615
15 REVEL, Anne  1806Smeeth, Kent, England I27614
16 REVEL, Margaret  1800Smeeth, Kent, England I27639
17 REVEL, Sarah  1808Smeeth, Kent, England I27641
18 REVEL, Stephen  1801Smeeth, Kent, England I27640
19 REVEL, Tomasine  1804Smeeth, Kent, England I27642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 FAGG, Elizabeth  4 Dec 1769Smeeth, Kent, England I27633
2 FAGG, John  19 Dec 1773Smeeth, Kent, England I27635
3 FAGG, Susanna  25 Aug 1776Smeeth, Kent, England I27626
4 FAGG, William  17 Mar 1771Smeeth, Kent, England I27636
5 LORD, Catharine  4 Oct 1812Smeeth, Kent, England I27630
6 LORD, David  12 Jan 1806Smeeth, Kent, England I27629
7 LORD, David ,aka William Lord  8 Jul 1827Smeeth, Kent, England I1009
8 LORD, Martha  6 May 1810Smeeth, Kent, England I27631
9 LORD, Mary  13 Jul 1800Smeeth, Kent, England I27628
10 LORD, Mary Ann  24 May 1829Smeeth, Kent, England I27616
11 LORD, Richard ,of Smeeth, Kent, England  30 May 1802Smeeth, Kent, England I27613
12 LORD, Thomas  4 Mar 1804Smeeth, Kent, England I27627
13 LORD, Thomas  14 Nov 1824Smeeth, Kent, England I27615
14 REVEL, Anne  10 Aug 1806Smeeth, Kent, England I27614
15 REVEL, Margaret  23 Mar 1800Smeeth, Kent, England I27639
16 REVEL, Sarah  24 Jul 1808Smeeth, Kent, England I27641
17 REVEL, Stephen  9 Aug 1801Smeeth, Kent, England I27640
18 REVEL, Tomasine  28 Oct 1804Smeeth, Kent, England I27642


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 FAGG, Susanna  1 May 1842Smeeth, Kent, England I27626
2 LORD, Thomas ,of Smeeth, Kent, England  1823Smeeth, Kent, England I27625
3 LORD, Thomas  1830Smeeth, Kent, England I27615
4 REVEL, John  1824Smeeth, Kent, England I27637
5 REVEL, Margaret  1808Smeeth, Kent, England I27639
6 REVEL, Sarah  1808Smeeth, Kent, England I27641


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LORD, Thomas ,of Smeeth, Kent, England  11 Nov 1823Smeeth, Kent, England I27625
2 LORD, Thomas  2 Apr 1830Smeeth, Kent, England I27615
3 REVEL, John  1 Sep 1824Smeeth, Kent, England I27637
4 REVEL, Margaret  5 Apr 1808Smeeth, Kent, England I27639
5 REVEL, Sarah  11 Aug 1808Smeeth, Kent, England I27641


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LORD / REVEL  7 Jun 1823Smeeth, Kent, England F9304
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