Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CORY, Fitzroy Bell"Roy"  5 Feb 1887Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I21373
2 DA COSTA, Charles Brandon  4 Mar 1889Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I15680
3 DA COSTA, Emily Clare  6 May 1882Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I15677
4 DOWLING, Mary Catherine  23 Aug 1894Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I25122
5 FLOWERS, Annie Spence  4 Dec 1915Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I18834
6 FLOWERS, Beryl Marion  21 Jul 1918Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I25512
7 FLOWERS, Field  18 Jul 1914Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I18832
8 FLOWERS, Field"Feldo" ,manager of Valeria Station,Capella,Queensland  2 Feb 1877Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I14831
9 FLOWERS, Joan Alison  9 Jun 1921Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I25513
10 FLOWERS, Margaret Mary"Molly"  11 Mar 1913Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I18831
11 FLOWERS, Ronald  2 Mar 1881Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I21409
12 FLOWERS, Thomas French ,of the 2/1 Tank Attack Regiment , R.A.A.  18 Jul 1914Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I18833
13 FLOWERS, William Henry"Harry" ,Authorised Surveyor  26 Apr 1882Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I21408
14 HOLT, Clara Susannah  17 Dec 1869Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4222
15 HOOKE, Peter West ,M.M  13 Jan 1916Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I14801
16 HUTTON, W.O. II , Arthur Cleland , 2/26th Battalion ,A.I.F.  2 Oct 1902Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4195
17 HUTTON, Charles Cameron ,of Kalgoorlie,Western Australia  25 Jun 1871Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5332
18 HUTTON, Charles William ,of "Eton Vale",Clermont,Queensland, Australia  4 Apr 1897Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4235
19 HUTTON, Edith Margaret (Twin)  25 Apr 1904Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4229
20 HUTTON, Frances Eliza  3 Dec 1866Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5330
21 HUTTON, Gordon Falconer  24 Sep 1925Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5265
22 HUTTON, Jean Mary (Twin)  25 Apr 1904Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4230
23 HUTTON, Jessica Mabel  12 Apr 1869Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5331
24 HUTTON, John Douglas Locksley  21 Jun 1887Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5319
25 MCDERMOTT, Danielle Rose   I11196
26 MCDONALD, James  22 Apr 1907Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I18829
27 MURRAY, Campbell Robert  25 Nov 1877Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I26593
28 NEWMAN, Amity Leigh   I18252
29 NEWMAN, Diego Graeme   I27087
30 NEWMAN, Ryan Patrick   I9021
31 SHANNON, John Yamala  17 Aug 1875Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I25710
32 STANDISH, Arthur Wood ,Stationmaster,of Gladstone,,Queensland,Australia  16 Nov 1874Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5673
33 WHEATCROFT, Margaret Isabel  18 Sep 1885Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I21640


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AIKEN, John Edward alias John William TURNER  5 May 2015Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I27131
2 BROOKES, Fannie  12 Aug 1925Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4196
3 CASTLE, Annie Catherine  22 Jul 1947Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5353
4 CLAYSON, Isaac Alfred ,of the Athelstane Hotel, Rockhampton,Queensland,Australia  1 Feb 1926Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I27755
5 CORY, Charles Barnes"Carl"  1953Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I21366
6 DURBIN, Harriett  31 Jul 1927Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I27756
7 FLOWERS, Graham Field  12 Jul 1996Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I25522
8 FLOWERS, William Henry ,of "Medway Downs"Station , Bogantungan,Queensland,Australia  15 Mar 1935Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I26762
9 FLOWERS, William Henry"Harry" ,Authorised Surveyor  22 Jun 1964Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I21408
10 HARTLEY, Jane Elizabeth ,daughter of Rev. Robert Hartley  1 Dec 1877Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I26592
11 HERBERTSON, Florence  7 Jul 1962Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I18827
12 HIGGINS, Ellen Susan  26 Apr 1991Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I21412
13 HOOKE, Harold ,of "Greenfields", Gundiah ,Queensland  12 Jul 1973Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4231
14 HUNTER, Florence Miller ,only daughter of Capt.R. M. Hunter, Rockhampton  21 Dec 1920Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I15699
15 HUTTON, Charles William ,of "Eton Vale",Clermont,Queensland, Australia  4 Jul 1974Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4235
16 HUTTON, Falcolner Holt ,of Bingegang,Dingo,Queensland  18 Jul 1979Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4226
17 HUTTON, Falconer West ,of "Athelcrest", The Range,Rockhampton,Queensland  22 Nov 1933Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I3148
18 HUTTON, Frances Eliza  1866Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5330
19 HUTTON, Jack Cleland Holt ,of Togara,Comet,Queensland  3 Feb 1983Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4227
20 HUTTON, James ,of Falconer Inn ,and Raspberry Creek,Qld  5 Oct 1898Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I1512
21 HUTTON, John Douglas Locksley  4 Aug 1967Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5319
22 HUTTON, Mary Frances"Francie"  29 Nov 1987Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4224
23 HUTTON, Mary"Polly" ,of Rockhampton,Queensland  24 Nov 1968Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I4236
24 IRELAND, Isabel Edith  23 May 1968Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I25144
25 JACOBSON, Erick  27 Dec 1924Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I13860
26 LIVING, John ,of "Wooroona" Station, Queensland,son of Capt. George Charles Pratt Living,of HEICS ship "Waterloo"  2 Sep 1904Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I12505
27 LORD, Leila  11 Feb 1950Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I21411
28 MCCALL, Emily Helena  23 Jun 1970Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5325
29 MCDONALD, James  17 Nov 1976Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I18829
30 MOFFAT, Jane  2 May 1908Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5415
31 PITMAN, Henry  26 Mar 1922Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5346
32 SMALL, Herbert  20 Dec 1908Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I26250
33 TONKS, John ,of Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia  1942Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I17569
34 WARREN, Henry  12 Aug 1957Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia I5312


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
2 FLOWERS / LORD  29 Dec 1909Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia F8043
4 HUTTON / MCCALL  22 Jun 1916Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia F1668
5 HUTTON / STEPHENSON  10 Dec 1910Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia F1666
6 IRELAND / GARDNER  17 Oct 1925Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia F5466
7 MURRAY / MCGAVIN  5 Jan 1882Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia F8965
8 NEWMAN / GREEN   F3436
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