Pennsylvania, United States.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUL, Elizabeth M."Lillie"  26 Sep 1861Pennsylvania, United States. I16728
2 BELL, Elizabeth  26 Dec 1860Pennsylvania, United States. I16719
3 CAMPBELL, William Bruce ,Taxidermist  21 May 1891Pennsylvania, United States. I16228
4 CONNOLLY, Anna Gardner  1923Pennsylvania, United States. I25175
5 CONNOLLY, William James  3 Jun 1925Pennsylvania, United States. I25176
6 COOPER, Susan  1857Pennsylvania, United States. I23655
7 COX, Jennie Mary Jane ,daughter of Edward Cox of Currie, Minnesota  18 Dec 1873Pennsylvania, United States. I18035
8 DAUB, Theodore George  16 Jan 1913Pennsylvania, United States. I16263
9 DINWIDDIE, William ,of White Oak Springs, Lafayette, Wisconsin  1803Pennsylvania, United States. I18086
10 GREGG, Richard Finlay  1912Pennsylvania, United States. I27389
11 HARWOOD, Charles Nevin  25 May 1899Pennsylvania, United States. I16345
12 HARWOOD, Paisley Beach  8 Sep 1894Pennsylvania, United States. I16344
13 HURLESTON, George  13 Oct 1909Pennsylvania, United States. I16350
14 JAMISON, Hannah A.  1835Pennsylvania, United States. I16794
15 KERR, Eleanor  1915Pennsylvania, United States. I26615
16 KERR, Warden  7 Aug 1919Pennsylvania, United States. I26612
17 KIRKPATRICK, Anderson ,Petroleum Oil Distiller  1824Pennsylvania, United States. I16789
18 KIRKPATRICK, George Hay  1835Pennsylvania, United States. I16792
19 KIRKPATRICK, Gertrude  1882Pennsylvania, United States. I18338
20 KIRKPATRICK, James ,Bank Teller,of Delaware, Pennsylvania  1858Pennsylvania, United States. I18336
21 KIRKPATRICK, James ,Jnr,Clerk, Union National Bank,Atlantic City ,USA  1888Pennsylvania, United States. I1135
22 KIRKPATRICK, John  1830Pennsylvania, United States. I16790
23 KIRKPATRICK, Mary Jane  1829Pennsylvania, United States. I16823
24 KIRKPATRICK, Roberta  1898Pennsylvania, United States. I18339
25 KIRKPATRICK, Sarah L."Sallie"  1842Pennsylvania, United States. I16730
26 KIRKPATRICK, Thomas G.  1836Pennsylvania, United States. I16793
27 MCCAUGHAN, Allen  1894Pennsylvania, United States. I23678
28 MCCAUGHAN, Francis N.  1890Pennsylvania, United States. I23676
29 MCCAUGHAN, Harry  1888Pennsylvania, United States. I23675
30 MCCAUGHAN, James ,of Philadelphia,USA  1857Pennsylvania, United States. I23442
31 MCCAUGHAN, James D.  1882Pennsylvania, United States. I23672
32 MCCAUGHAN, Margaret  1880Pennsylvania, United States. I23671
33 MCCAUGHAN, Mary  1884Pennsylvania, United States. I23673
34 MCCAUGHAN, Susan A.  1886Pennsylvania, United States. I23674
35 MCCAUGHAN, Wilson F.  1892Pennsylvania, United States. I23677
36 MURPHY, Sarah Ann  1887Pennsylvania, United States. I26611
37 PARK, David M.  8 Jun 1928Pennsylvania, United States. I12803
38 RANKIN, Richard  4 Nov 1756Pennsylvania, United States. I13647
39 RANKIN, Susanna"Susie"  1858Pennsylvania, United States. I18337
40 REYNOLDS, Nancy  16 Oct 1812Pennsylvania, United States. I16673
41 RIGBY, Eli  1823Pennsylvania, United States. I16822
42 ROBINSON, Jean Campbell  13 May 1914Pennsylvania, United States. I12821
43 ROBINSON, Margaret Megaw  23 Nov 1906Pennsylvania, United States. I12818
44 ROBINSON, Mary Wallace  1920Pennsylvania, United States. I12824
45 ROBINSON, Samuel Wallace  28 Jun 1916Pennsylvania, United States. I12822
46 ROBINSON, William Huey  31 May 1912Pennsylvania, United States. I12820
47 SMYTH, Elinor W.  1896Pennsylvania, United States. I25398
48 SMYTH, Henry Yoxall  19 Jul 1889Pennsylvania, United States. I25396
49 SMYTH, Mary L. ,of Wenonah, Gloucester, New Jersey, USA  1894Pennsylvania, United States. I25397
50 WOODSIDE, Annie Jane  11 Nov 1880Pennsylvania, United States. I16220

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CONNOLLY, William James  3 Apr 1935Pennsylvania, United States. I25176
2 ELLIOTT, Arminda Wells “Minnie”  4 Jan 1929Pennsylvania, United States. I28424
3 HUEY, Mary Wallace  14 May 1972Pennsylvania, United States. I4409
4 KERR, Daniel  15 May 1839Pennsylvania, United States. I16443
5 KIRKPATRICK, George Hay  23 Mar 1902Pennsylvania, United States. I16792
6 RANKIN, John ,of Donegal,and Cumberland County,Pennsylvania,USA  1749Pennsylvania, United States. I13644
7 ROBINSON, Jean Campbell  8 Mar 1958Pennsylvania, United States. I12821
8 ROBINSON, William Huey  25 May 1983Pennsylvania, United States. I12820
9 ROBINSON, William Moore Megaw J.P  7 Jan 1950Pennsylvania, United States. I4408
10 TALBOT, Timothy Ralph Jnr,of the Institute for Cancer Research,Fox Chase  7 Nov 1988Pennsylvania, United States. I12825


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAILEY / ROBINSON  28 Nov 1933Pennsylvania, United States. F5535
2 LINN / AUL  25 Jan 1881Pennsylvania, United States. F6950
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