Nhill, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BATSON, Arthur Henry ,of Tarranginnie,Wimmera,Victoria  1882Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12268
2 BATSON, George ,Jnr  1892Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12272
3 BATSON, Helene  1889Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12271
4 BATSON, James  1886Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12270
5 BATSON, Robert John  1884Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12269
6 DAVIS, Albert Victor  3 Jul 1890Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12383
7 DAVIS, Charlotte Mildred  3 Apr 1895Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12381
8 DAVIS, Dora May  7 Jan 1893Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12382
9 DAVIS, Edward William  24 Mar 1888Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12380
10 DAVIS, Elsie Lillian  10 Nov 1897Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12384
11 WILSON, Albert John"Skinny"  1888Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12232
12 WILSON, Alick"Nugget" ,of Glenmoor Park,Arcadia,Victoria,Australia  1886Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12229
13 WILSON, Catherine"Kate"  1883Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12226
14 WILSON, Edward Henry  9 Jul 1906Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12240
15 WILSON, George  1890Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12235
16 WILSON, Herbert"Brassie"  1892Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12231
17 WILSON, James Edwin  1895Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12233
18 WILSON, Jean Dorothy  19 Apr 1908Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12239
19 WILSON, Robert"Chip"  1884Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12227
20 WILSON, William Davis  16 Sep 1917Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12241


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BATSON, George ,of Tarranginnie,Wimmera, and Nihill,Victoria  1928Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12264
2 BATSON, George ,Jnr  1973Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12272
3 BENCE, Hilda  8 Nov 1986Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12385
4 DAVIS, Albert Victor  6 Nov 1975Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12383
5 DAVIS, Dora May  3 Oct 1976Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12382
6 DAVIS, Councillor. Edward Couzens ,Blacksmith,of Horsham,Victoria  9 Jul 1937Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12237
7 DAVIS, Elizabeth Mary  11 Feb 1952Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12379
8 DAVIS, Lucy Couzens  31 May 1969Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12251
9 LAMBERT, Mary  18 Apr 1889Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12565
10 SHEPPARD, Sarah  26 Nov 1930Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12238
11 SHORT, Emma Eliza  1917Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12225
12 VOIGT, Gustav Hermann  20 Sep 1945Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12376
13 WEBB, Stephen  18 Mar 1970Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12393
14 WILSON, Alick"Nugget" ,of Glenmoor Park,Arcadia,Victoria,Australia  28 Sep 1946Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12229
15 WILSON, Henry"Blossom"  20 Sep 1949Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12230
16 WILSON, James Edwin  1896Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12233
17 WILSON, Mary Thomson  25 Nov 1920Nhill, Victoria, Australia I8996
18 WILSON, Robert"Chip"  1933Nhill, Victoria, Australia I12227
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