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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLAN, William Gavin ,of Dundrum,Bognor,Sussex,England  1834London, Middlesex, England I14446
2 BACK, Alice Mary ,Lady Perifano-Biondi  1850London, Middlesex, England I14939
3 BARR, Arthur James  2 Mar 1860London, Middlesex, England I2329
4 BARRET, Edward Louis ,Analytical chemist  1832London, Middlesex, England I18326
5 BELL, Jane Martha  1846London, Middlesex, England I13357
6 BENHAM, Douglas Kirkpatrick ,Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment)  1880London, Middlesex, England I13398
7 BENHAM, Edward ,of Colchester, Essex.  17 Jan 1822London, Middlesex, England I13214
8 BENHAM, Herbert Augustus  1861London, Middlesex, England I13515
9 BENNETT, Georgina  1827London, Middlesex, England I13293
10 BENT, Louisa Amelia ,daughter of William Parkington Bent  12 Feb 1827London, Middlesex, England I14248
11 BRAHAM, Charles Bampfylde  1822London, Middlesex, England I13721
12 BRIDGES, John William , of Lawford Hall,Essex  27 Jul 1795London, Middlesex, England I12245
13 BROWN, Most Rev. Leslie Wilfred ,Archbishop of Uganda 1953-61  12 Jun 1912London, Middlesex, England I4501
14 BURNS, Thomas  1790London, Middlesex, England I27946
15 CALVERT, Arethusa Jane ,daughter of Charles Calvert, of Ockley Court,M.P.  1826London, Middlesex, England I14329
16 CAMPBELL, Lieut. Allan Wiliiam George ,of the 1st Coldstream Guards  1885London, Middlesex, England I9889
17 CAMPBELL, Diamantina Isabella  1881London, Middlesex, England I9888
18 CAMPION, Alice Amelia  12 Oct 1847London, Middlesex, England I13641
19 CAMPION, Thomas  1804London, Middlesex, England I13642
20 CARR, Jane Catherine ,daughter of David Carr,Esq.  1846London, Middlesex, England I17273
21 CARTER, Frederick Hayne  1818London, Middlesex, England I27768
22 CATHCART, Percival J. Alexander  1878London, Middlesex, England I24585
23 CHOWNE, Mary Matilda  21 Mar 1815London, Middlesex, England I26107
24 COMYN, Ann  1742London, Middlesex, England I14195
25 CONDER, Edward Reignier  10 Apr 1901London, Middlesex, England I17298
26 CRABB, Elizabeth  1 Jan 1828London, Middlesex, England I14616
27 CRITCHETT, Sir Ian George Lorraine ,3rd Baronet.Vetting and Personnel Officer at MI6  19 Dec 1920London, Middlesex, England I12012
28 CROSSE, Emily Marian Jennings  1836London, Middlesex, England I26855
29 CUMBERLAND, Joseph Smith  1843London, Middlesex, England I11458
30 DAMANT, Henry James ,Solicitor,of Northwood Lodge,Cowes, Isle of Wight  31 May 1816London, Middlesex, England I14141
31 DANIELS, Hilary Susan   I25655
32 DANVERS, Sir. Juland , K.C.S.I. , of Woodside,Caterham,Surrey  19 Mar 1826London, Middlesex, England I15214
33 DAVIS, Allen  29 Jul 1806London, Middlesex, England I13338
34 DAVIS, Charles Henry  1852London, Middlesex, England I12557
35 DAVIS, John William  1826London, Middlesex, England I12554
36 DE MESIA - DE LESSEPS, Dona Maria Solange ,Condessa de Odiel  30 Sep 1911London, Middlesex, England I10529
37 DONNITHORNE, Maria  5 Aug 1767London, Middlesex, England I21531
38 DRUMMOND, Charlotte  10 Nov 1791London, Middlesex, England I14327
39 FEARNLEY, Charles John ,of Peckham,Surrey.  1817London, Middlesex, England I14681
40 FERGUSON, Major Ronald Ivor  10 Oct 1931London, Middlesex, England I6434
41 FULLER, Samuel James  1827London, Middlesex, England I1092
42 GILLOP, Elizabeth Ellen  London, Middlesex, England I3234
43 GLYNNE, Mary Ann  1837London, Middlesex, England I1093
44 GREEN, Dennis ,Transported Convict,of Purkham Farm, Bringelly.  1782London, Middlesex, England I15283
45 HAGLEY, William ,Sculptor,of London, England.  1801London, Middlesex, England I13638
46 HAVINDEN, James John  1848London, Middlesex, England I26230
47 HENNELL, Robert George ,Diamond Merchant  3 Sep 1802London, Middlesex, England I14161
48 JAMES, Susannah Elizabeth  17 Jun 1834London, Middlesex, England I13873
49 JEFFERY, Henry ,son of Henry Couchman Jeffery  Abt 1805London, Middlesex, England I27031
50 JONES, David , alias David Williams ,Transported Convict  1809London, Middlesex, England I25064

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 MAITLAND, Frances Ann ,daughter of Alexander Maitland,of Brighton  9 Jul 1801London, Middlesex, England I8737


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BADEN-POWELL, Sir George Smyth ,K. C. M. G. ,MP for Kirkdale, Liverpool  20 Nov 1898London, Middlesex, England I12291
2 BENHAM, Dr. Alice Marian ,M. B.  5 Jun 1939London, Middlesex, England I13393
3 BENHAM, Harriett  1899London, Middlesex, England I13210
4 BENHAM, Jane  1855London, Middlesex, England I13215
5 BENHAM, John Michael  1993London, Middlesex, England I13525
6 BENHAM, Walter James  10 Nov 1908London, Middlesex, England I13226
7 BOYLE, Lady. Honora Janet"Norah "  11 Mar 1953London, Middlesex, England I15353
8 BROWN, Maj. Gen. John Read ,6th Madras Cavalry  3 Apr 1876London, Middlesex, England I17285
9 BROWN, Margaret Duncan  11 Oct 1871London, Middlesex, England I17291
10 BULLER, Sir Arthur William ,M.P and Special Council of Lower Canada  30 Apr 1869London, Middlesex, England I8396
11 BULLER, Charles ,M.P for Liskeard, Director of the New Zealand Co.  29 Nov 1848London, Middlesex, England I8395
12 CAMPBELL, The Hon. William ,M. L. C. for Victoria,Australia  20 Aug 1896London, Middlesex, England I9886
13 CAMPION, Thomas  14 Sep 1848London, Middlesex, England I13642
14 CARTER, William  1827London, Middlesex, England I27766
15 CATHCART, Lt.Gen,Sir Charles Schaw , 9th Lord Cathcart  14 Aug 1776London, Middlesex, England I22379
16 DENNISTOUN, Mary Lydia  1945London, Middlesex, England I8478
17 DIMOLINE, Maria Louisa  1885London, Middlesex, England I13487
18 FIELD, Marian Caroline  London, Middlesex, England I24706
19 GRAHAM-FOSTER-PIGOTT, Philomena Mary"Mena"  31 Jan 1982London, Middlesex, England I16148
20 HAGLEY, William ,Sculptor,of London, England.  1843London, Middlesex, England I13638
21 HEMMING, Elizabeth  11 Oct 1903London, Middlesex, England I27205
22 HERRIES, Robert ,of Haldykes,Scotland,and Merchant of Rotterdam.  3 Oct 1791London, Middlesex, England I6850
23 INVERARITY, Margaret Mary  9 Feb 1868London, Middlesex, England I17284
24 KIRKPATRICK, Abraham  1740London, Middlesex, England I17918
25 KIRKPATRICK, Abraham ,Merchant of Malaga,and Clapham, Surrey, England  16 Jan 1777London, Middlesex, England I19506
26 KIRKPATRICK, Gen.Sir George Macaulay ,KCMG, KCSI. Commandant of the Royal Engineers 1927-30  6 Feb 1950London, Middlesex, England I6714
27 KIRKPATRICK, Isabella  17 Oct 1777London, Middlesex, England I6843
28 KIRKPATRICK, John ,Merchant,of "Kirkmichael",Ramsey, The Isle of Man  30 Apr 1767London, Middlesex, England I6477
29 KIRKPATRICK, Kathleen Mary  7 May 1971London, Middlesex, England I8477
30 KIRKPATRICK, Margaret Charlotte  13 Nov 1986London, Middlesex, England I11406
31 KIRKPATRICK, Mary Stuart  1972London, Middlesex, England I7414
32 KIRKPATRICK, Robert Young  1840London, Middlesex, England I6495
33 KIRKPATRICK, William  29 Oct 1738London, Middlesex, England I17919
34 MAGILL, Dr William Louis  14 Feb 1938London, Middlesex, England I19654
35 MARTIN, Charlotte  13 Sep 1871London, Middlesex, England I17887
36 MEGAW, R.t Hon. Sir John , PC, CBE, Lord Justice of Appeal  27 Dec 1997London, Middlesex, England I4496
37 MEGAW, Moira  2004London, Middlesex, England I18891
38 MUIR-MACKENZIE, John William Pitt  1 Feb 1855London, Middlesex, England I19160
39 MURE, Mungo  Nov 1632London, Middlesex, England I3965
40 MURRAY, Hugh  29 Oct 1955London, Middlesex, England I16000
41 NOBLE, Admiral Sir Percy Laxland Harnam ,son of Colonel Charles Noble  25 Jul 1955London, Middlesex, England I9890
42 PEEL, Mary Elizabeth ,daughter of George Peel and Harriet Sutton  28 Jun 1946London, Middlesex, England I14549
43 PINKERTON, Fay Marjorie  16 Feb 1999London, Middlesex, England I13744
44 ROUSSIN, Helen Alexandra  14 Mar 1981London, Middlesex, England I14697
45 ROUSSIN, Louis ,son of George Roussin  28 Apr 1889London, Middlesex, England I13486
46 ROUSSIN, Sylvia Beatrix  2 Feb 1979London, Middlesex, England I14699
47 SAILLARD, Emily Nellie  2 Dec 1951London, Middlesex, England I5613
48 SAILLARD, Henry Phillips  1938London, Middlesex, England I5616
49 STEWART, Isabel ,daughter of Sir Alexander Stewart of Bonkyl  Abt 15 Jan 1348London, Middlesex, England I19473
50 STUART, Elizabeth ,the "Winter Queen",Queen of Bohemia  13 Feb 1661London, Middlesex, England I4083

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BADEN-POWELL / DUNCAN  25 Oct 1924London, Middlesex, England F5352
2 BENHAM / JOHNSTONE  1899London, Middlesex, England F5731
3 CATHCART / SHAW  29 Mar 1718London, Middlesex, England F3994
4 CRABB / DAVIS  1824London, Middlesex, England F6211
5 DAMANT / JAMES  21 Apr 1814London, Middlesex, England F6020
6 DAVIS / COUSINS  1851London, Middlesex, England F5444
7 FISHER / KIRKPATRICK  2 Feb 1926London, Middlesex, England F4726
8 FRENAY / COOKE  25 Sep 1943London, Middlesex, England F4963
9 KIRKPATRICK / ALEXANDER  15 Dec 1914London, Middlesex, England F2405
10 KIRKPATRICK / JONES  1861London, Middlesex, England F2098
11 MOORE / BADEN-POWELL  23 Mar 1920London, Middlesex, England F5351
12 PUCKLE / CORY  21 Sep 1925London, Middlesex, England F7144
13 STEWART / BEAUFORT  2 Feb 1424London, Middlesex, England F1256
14 WALKER / BRUCE  London, Middlesex, England F2950
15 WELDON / KENNEDY  12 Jun 1862London, Middlesex, England F5329
16 WILSON / CHURCHILL  21 Nov 1891London, Middlesex, England F2651
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