Inverell, New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 PENBERTHY, Offa William ,of Kingsgrove,New South Wales  1888Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1879
102 PENBERTHY, Phillip John   I1747
103 PENBERTHY, Rita Catherine  1896Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I301
104 PENBERTHY, Robert Josiah"Bob" ,of "Lochearn" ,Bellata,New South Wales,Australia  9 Jul 1921Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I341
105 PENBERTHY, Sarah Kate   I1760
106 PENBERTHY, Sigurd Henry G.  7 Aug 1889Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I993
107 PENBERTHY, Stuart Raymond   I1749
108 PENBERTHY, Vicki   I1434
109 POLLOCK, Albert John  15 Oct 1924Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1551
110 ROPER, Robert  22 Oct 1839Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I25738
111 SINGLE, Edith Lilla  30 Oct 1876Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I25733
112 SINGLE, Emma Winifred  6 Oct 1880Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I25735
113 SINGLE, Harry Ernest  1875Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I28034
114 SINGLE, Thomas Barker  20 Jun 1879Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I25734
115 TICKLE, Grant   I21021
116 TOMLINSON, Alfred ,of Delungra, New South Wales, Australia  1886Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3411
117 TOMLINSON, Byron ,of "Emu Hill"Inverell, New South Wales, Australia  1891Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3413
118 TOMLINSON, Trooper. David ,1st Light Horse Regiment  1893Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3414
119 TOMLINSON, Edward ,of "Myall Plains" ,Terry Hie Hie, New South Wales  1873Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3407
120 TOMLINSON, Emily Jane  1888Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3412
121 TOMLINSON, John Edwin ,of "Kelvington" Boomi, New South Wales, Australia  1881Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3408
122 TOMLINSON, Katherine Daly  1897Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I3415
123 VARLEY, Lieut. John Ashton"Jack" ,M.C,2/19th Btn,AIF,of Kent Farm,Glen Innes,NSW  23 Sep 1920Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I12153
124 VARLEY, Lieut. Robert Ashton ,2/3rd Btn.AIF  1 Jun 1923Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I12152
125 WATLING, Cecil Herbert  12 Jan 1905Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I13938
126 WATLING, Thelma Jean  14 Apr 1932Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I21562
127 WHITE, Trevor G  1906Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I5009
128 WILLIAMS, Harriett  4 Jun 1896Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I25111
129 WOODS, Alice Maude  1882Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2341
130 WOODS, Amy Margaret  1884Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2405
131 WOODS, Annie Esther  1883Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2332
132 WOODS, Arthur Thomas (Twin)  1882Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2404
133 WOODS, Deborah Beatrice  23 Feb 1911Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2664
134 WOODS, Ellen Mary  1879Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2409
135 WOODS, Florence Ruth"Florrie"  1877Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2408
136 WOODS, Frederick John (Twin) , of "Mapleton" ,Home Hill,Qld,Australia  1882Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2403
137 WOODS, Harold George  1880Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2402
138 WOODS, Margaret Anne ,of "The Glen",Ashley,New South Wales,Australia  1882Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2239
139 WOODS, Sister. Margaret Anne(Marj) ,Royal Red Cross Medal.  23 Jun 1880Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2340
140 WOODS, Roland Dudley"Roley"  10 Mar 1882Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I1635
141 WOODS, William Wolseley  1885Inverell, New South Wales, Australia I2406

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