Colchester, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BEAUMONT, Sarah  Abt 1819Colchester, Essex, England I13477
2 BENHAM, Ada Maria  1855Colchester, Essex, England I13430
3 BENHAM, Arthur Edward  1853Colchester, Essex, England I13429
4 BENHAM, Brian Gurney  18 Jun 1915Colchester, Essex, England I13452
5 BENHAM, Charles Edwin ,Newspaper Proprietor  15 Apr 1860Colchester, Essex, England I13432
6 BENHAM, Edna Tayspill  19 Jul 1905Colchester, Essex, England I13442
7 BENHAM, Gerald Kirkpatrick  1863Colchester, Essex, England I13434
8 BENHAM, Gladys E. M.  1886Colchester, Essex, England I13458
9 BENHAM, Hervey William G. ,proprietor ,Essex County Newspapers  24 Jul 1910Colchester, Essex, England I13443
10 BENHAM, Jane Mary ,M.B.E. ,of Maldon,Essex,England  28 Jan 1943Colchester, Essex, England I13446
11 BENHAM, John Gurney ,of Chipperfields Circus   I13455
12 BENHAM, Louisa Jane  1862Colchester, Essex, England I13433
13 BENHAM, Maura Elwes Mary  21 Sep 1912Colchester, Essex, England I13444
14 BENHAM, Peter Carr  17 Jun 1918Colchester, Essex, England I13453
15 BENHAM, Sir William Gurney ,Newspaper Proprietor  16 Feb 1859Colchester, Essex, England I13431
16 CARR, Mary  1827Colchester, Essex, England I13330
17 CRASKE, Louisa Swinton  1845Colchester, Essex, England I13479
18 ELWES, Ethel Hervey  24 Aug 1881Colchester, Essex, England I13439
19 HANSON, Harriet  13 Apr 1802Colchester, Essex, England I12246
20 LEANING, Lois Blanche  14 Dec 1888Colchester, Essex, England I13451
21 QUILTER, Maria Louisa  1853Colchester, Essex, England I13435
22 QUILTER, Thomas Risby  Abt 1816Colchester, Essex, England I13476
23 ROWLAND, Barbara J.  1911Colchester, Essex, England I13445
24 SIMSON, Alice Maud Mary  1862Colchester, Essex, England I13457
25 TURNER, Ernest Hammond  1881Colchester, Essex, England I13447
26 TURNER, Margaret Inez  28 Apr 1913Colchester, Essex, England I13448


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENHAM, Brian Gurney  2003Colchester, Essex, England I13452
2 BENHAM, Charles Edwin ,Newspaper Proprietor  1 Apr 1929Colchester, Essex, England I13432
3 BENHAM, Colin Stanley Knowles  10 Jun 1988Colchester, Essex, England I13405
4 BENHAM, Edith Hester  7 Jul 1983Colchester, Essex, England I13408
5 BENHAM, Edward ,of Colchester, Essex.  1869Colchester, Essex, England I13214
6 BENHAM, Gerald Carr  1964Colchester, Essex, England I13438
7 BENHAM, Gerald Kirkpatrick  1864Colchester, Essex, England I13434
8 BENHAM, Hervey William G. ,proprietor ,Essex County Newspapers  25 Jul 1987Colchester, Essex, England I13443
9 BENHAM, Jane Mary ,M.B.E. ,of Maldon,Essex,England  9 Jun 1992Colchester, Essex, England I13446
10 BENHAM, Louisa Jane  31 Aug 1916Colchester, Essex, England I13433
11 BENHAM, Maura Elwes Mary  1995Colchester, Essex, England I13444
12 BENHAM, Peter Carr  2004Colchester, Essex, England I13453
13 BENHAM, Violet Inez  1962Colchester, Essex, England I13437
14 BENHAM, Sir William Gurney ,Newspaper Proprietor  13 May 1944Colchester, Essex, England I13431
15 BOOTHROYD, Francis  1991Colchester, Essex, England I13409
16 CARR, Mary  19 May 1918Colchester, Essex, England I13330
17 CLARKE, Joan Flora E.  1975Colchester, Essex, England I13480
18 CRASKE, Louisa Swinton  1923Colchester, Essex, England I13479
19 KIRKPATRICK, Mary Priscilla  17 Dec 1986Colchester, Essex, England I27650
20 LEANING, Lois Blanche  1981Colchester, Essex, England I13451
21 QUILTER, Thomas Risby  1880Colchester, Essex, England I13476
22 TURNER, Ernest Hammond  8 Aug 1949Colchester, Essex, England I13447
23 TURNER, Margaret Inez  24 Jun 1996Colchester, Essex, England I13448
24 WATSON, Lt Col Hugh Darvill ,of the 25th Punjabis,Indian Army  1967Colchester, Essex, England I24601


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BENHAM / CARR  1852Colchester, Essex, England F5710
2 BENHAM / CLARKE  1961Colchester, Essex, England F5764
3 BENHAM / HUNTER  6 Apr 1968Colchester, Essex, England F5742
4 BENHAM / LEANING  1914Colchester, Essex, England F5750
5 BENHAM / LETCH  31 Jan 1985Colchester, Essex, England F5743
6 BENHAM / ROWLAND  1939Colchester, Essex, England F5747
7 BENHAM / SIMSON  1884Colchester, Essex, England F5753
8 BREAKELL / KIRKPATRICK  1966Colchester, Essex, England F9311
9 HARKER / TURNER  22 Jun 1940Colchester, Essex, England F5749
10 HOVELL-THURLOW-CUMMING-BRUCE / WILSON  11 May 1949Colchester, Essex, England F5364
11 KIRKPATRICK / WATSON  7 Aug 1937Colchester, Essex, England F2419
12 LEANING / CRASKE  1869Colchester, Essex, England F5763
13 QUILTER / BEAUMONT  1840Colchester, Essex, England F5762
14 TURNER / BENHAM  7 Jul 1908Colchester, Essex, England F5748
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