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151 (Medical):Ref:New South Wales, Australia, Registers of Coroners' Inquests, 1796-1942 for Alfred Dean DEAN, Alfred James (I10126)
152 (Medical):Ref:New South Wales, Australia, Registers of Coroners' Inquests, 1796-1942 Record for Hugh Hatton(sic) HUTTON, Hugh (I229)
153 (Medical):Ref:New South Wales, Australia, Registers of Coroners' Inquests, 1796-1942 Record for Thomas Freeman Kershaw. KERSHAW, Thomas Freeman ,Auctioneer (I15043)
154 (Medical):Ref:New South Wales, Australia, Registers of Coroners' Inquests, 1796-1942 Record for William Reilley REILLY, William (I19849)
155 (Medical):Ref:New South Wales, Australia, Registers of Coroners' Inquests, 1821-1937 for John Charles Halpin HALPIN, John Charles ,Bootmaker (I25755)
156 (Medical):Ref:New South Wales, Australia, Registers of Coroners' Inquests, 1821-1937(6th Feb 1914) -The coroner declared the cave-in was the result of George's negligence. HARLEY, George Alfred (I10954)
157 (Medical):Ref:Obituary: "Cancer specialist Timothy R. Talbot Jr.
TALBOT, Timothy Ralph Jnr,of the Institute for Cancer Research,Fox Chase (I12825)
158 (Medical):Ref:Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1938 and Deaths Overseas, 1939-1947 Record for H R B Kirkpatrick KIRKPATRICK, Henry Robert Bruce"Harry" ,of Coolmine House, Dublin (I6566)
159 (Medical):Ref:South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900) ,Wednesday 14 March 1894 SUDDEN DEATH IN THE GENERAL POST- OFFICE.  LOUGHEAD, William Ellis (I17901)
160 (Medical):Ref:The Warwick Argus and Tenterfield Chronicle (Qld. : 1866 - 1879), Thursday 3 June 1875, page 2 . GORE, Gilbert Elliot (I22628)
161 (Medical):Ref:The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Wednesday 14 October 1863 p 4 Family Notices"DEVLIN.--On the 17th August, at Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, after a protracted illness (consumption), Esther Gibson, wife of Arthur Devlin, Esq., of East Melbourne" MCLELLAND, Esther Gibson ,of Armagh,Ireland (I26285)
162 (Medical):Ref:The Erasmian, Vol XVI. No.1. December 1918 OULTON, Richard Arthur ,Clerical Vicar Choral, York Minster (I12958)
163 (Medical):Ref:The Gentlemens Magazine,Sep.1816 KIRKPATRICK, Capt. John ,of the HEICS ship ,"Henry Addington" (I7181)
164 (Medical):Ref:The Harlem Valley Times,April 29, 1948
"Henry Martin Hoag, of Sharon, died Tuesday at noon in Sharon Hospital after''a brief illness. Mr. Hoag was taken to the hospital after suffering a heart attack on Saturday. Born in Sharon, August 9, 1876, Mr. Hoag was the son of the late Isaac Tabor ajid Carrie Whitford Hoag, and had lived in Sharon practically all of his life. He was a life member of Hamilton Lodge of Masons and a member of Heme- j tite Lodge, Lakeville. He was a-f | prominent. business man in Sharon and a member of Christ Episcopal Church. Surviving are his wife, Elizabeth Crowe Hoag; a sister, Miss Alzada Lloyd of Sharon; a son, Charles M. Hoag of Tucson, Arizona; and two grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at Christ Episcopal C h u r c h Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the Rev. Francis J. M. Cotter, officiating. Burial will be in Hillside cemetery" 
HOAG, Henry Martin ,of Sharon, Litchfield, Connecticut,USA (I20323)
165 (Medical):Ref:The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893) ,Wednesday 20 December 1854"Melancholy Accident.-On Saturday afternoon last,two daughters of Mr. Henry Adams, of the Black Horse,Mary, aged 14 or 15, and Emily, aged 13, went to bathe in the Hunter, a little above Potts's Point, where the water is deep. Miss Mary Adams had not long returned from Sydney, where she had learned to swim, and in spite of the fears of her sister and of a Mrs. Geelan, who lives near the spot, and accompanied them to the water side, she persisted in swimming out into the river; she had gone but a short distance when she turned to come back, and to the horror of Mrs. Geelan and her sister she appeared to have been seized with cramp, not being able to swim on. The poor girl called to her sister to get a pole to reach to her, but the only piece of stick near (a slab) proved too short. Meanwhile Mrs. Geelan had called out for assistance, and the only man within hearing, Arthur Thompson, ran down, and got into the water as far as he dared, not being able to swim, but was unable to reach the sinking girl, who, after vainly paddling about for some moments with the only hand she could use (her legs appearing stiff,) sunk in deep water. Mr. Hungerford, who lives not far off, was attracted to the spot by the cries, but unhappily too late,for although he swam across, and dived until exhausted, he could not find the body. Every search was made by her parents and friends, and by the police, but it was not until Monday morning that the body was recovered, being then found floating in the river. An inquest was held on Monday, by Mr. Parker, and a verdict of accidental death returned." ADAMS, Mary (I25711)
166 (Medical):Ref:The NSW Coroners report HARRIS, Daisy "Betsy" (I19856)
167 (Medical):Ref:The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 17 August 1908 p 10 Article"A man who was found unconscious on Thursday afternoon at the bottom of some steps near the Victoria Hotel, at the corner of William and Victoria streets, and who died at 11.30 a.m. on Saturday at St. Vincent's Hospital, has been identified as Charles John King Waller, married, aged 47, living lately in the New South Head Road, Double Bay." WALLER, Charles John King ,of England (I25781)
168 (Medical):Ref:The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 22 September 1890 p 3 Family Notices.

Although the coroner returned a open finding -the family have always maintained that James travelled by ferry to Circular Quay on the 11th August with the intention to keep an appointment with his lawyer in Sydney (city). The purpose of this appointment was to purchase further property in Manly. He had a large sum of money in his wallet for this purchase. Although, he was a very astute and a careful gentleman, it is believed by the family that he was murdered and robbed. He was found floating between the wharf and the rope tied ferry at Circular Quay. When James' body was recovered he had sustained severe injuries, which at the time were attributed to being between the wharf and ferry together with the tidal (swell) movement. Many believe he was assaulted, robbed, and pushed into Sydney Harbour.His wallet and money were not on his person and were never found. 
TOBIN, James ,Dairyman,of "Broadview",Manly,New South Wales (I1673)
169 (Medical):Ref:The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 23 September 1875 p 1 Family Notices WYATT, William Alexander Panton (I25923)
170 (Medical):Ref:The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954) Thursday 11 April 1907 p 6 Family Notices.
LUSK, Gilbert Bryant (I13273)
171 (Medical):Ref:The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954).Death Notice of Wednesday 19 November 1884
LORD, Edward Wason ,Mayor of St Leonards,NSW (I10501)
172 (Medical):Remembered with Honour in Denison Family War Memorial,Toronto,Canada ,and Ypres(Menin) Gate,Belgium.Panel 18 - 24 - 26 - 30.
KIRKPATRICK, Lieut. Alexander Douglas ,"C" Coy. 3rd Bn. ,Canadian Infantry (I6766)
173 (Medical):Remembered with Honour in the Australian War Memorial ,at the HMAS Sydney Memorial.

On 19 November 1941, Sydney was involved in a mutually destructive engagement with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, and was lost with all 645 aboard. The wrecks of both ships were lost until 2008; Sydney was found on 17 March, five days after her adversary. Sydney's defeat is commonly attributed to the proximity of the two ships during the engagement, and Kormoran's advantages of surprise and rapid, accurate fire. 
MCKAY, Alan Murdoch ,Leading Supply Assistant,HMAS Sydney (I17732)
174 (Medical):Shrapnel wounds PERRITT, Alfred Douglas Hamilton "Nunk",of the 1st/7th Cameronians(Scottish Rifles) (I20584)
175 (Medical):The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893)Tuesday 17 December 1878 -Melancholy Death by Drowning. "We regret very much to have to report the death by drowning of a fine lad, the eldest son of Mr. H. J. Adams, J.P. ; and the narrow escape of members of three other of our leading families, Mr. Bertie Wolfe, third son of Mr. James E. Wolfe, J.P., Mr. Jas. H.Brunker, second son of Mr. J. N. Brunker,J.P., and Mr. Charles Prentice. Mr. Wolfe had formed a fishing party, including himself,Mr. J. E. Wolfe, jun., and these five young men, to spend a few days at Lake Macquarie. The party were at Mr. Williamson's, Belmont,not far from the centre of the Lake, on Saturday, and thought of going out for the day in a sailing boat. Mr. Wolfe, however, had business early in the day some little distance from Lake Macquarie. Lake Macquarie is a beautiful sheet of saltwater, somewhat larger than Port Jackson, we think. About sixteen miles long, and from one mile to three miles broad, it opens out into so many bays and arms, that its shore line is about 100 miles-all round-and is popularly supposed to be three hundred miles round. It communicates with the sea by a long narrow mouth, of shallow water; and this mouth and the entrance are now under process of improvement by a dredge, at Government cost, to make it navigable for larger craft.These features make the Lake a delightful excursion place, if persons accustomed to its varying winds (as points are opened up) are on board; but dangerous to unaccustomed persons. All five of the young men were accustomed to boats, but only young Mr. Wolfe and Mr. Brunker were Lake-men. Mr. Wolfe, senior, knows the Lake well, as a yacht owner, and sailor .The weather calmed after Mr. Wolfe's departure, and Mr. Brunker, Mr. Bertie Wolfe,Mr. Chas. Prentice, and Mr. George Adams,about ten o'clock, started in a sailing boat down the Lake, to fish. From Mr. Williamson's some five or six miles of the Lake, southerly, is in view, and about one mile of the Lake looking North. The favourite fishing and sailing ground is southerly, through the broadest part of the sheet ; and which would take the party near the sea entrance. When Mr. Wolfe returned to Mr. Williamson's he was disappointed to find that the boat had not returned. And as time went on, an no signs appeared of the boat, both Mr. Wolfe and Mr.Williamson got greatly alarmed, and burnt blue lights, sent word along the shores nearest them, and remained out till very late that Saturday night ADAMS, Henry George (I25703)
176 (Medical):Williams body was never recovered , and he is remembered with Honour at Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery Memorial. DAVIDSON, William Patrick ,26th Btn, Australian Infantry Forces. (I17601)
177 (Memorial inscription records Kathleen's date of birth as 12 Nov 1907) WATT, Kathleen Mary ,daughter of David Hercules Watt and Mary E. Rose. (I15305)
178 (Ref:Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956 Record for Theodore Manning Gaetz) GAETZ, Theodore Manning , of The International Nickel Company of Canada (I12403)
179 (Research):
The Makim name is recorded in the 1674 Hearth Money Rolls for Staffordshire ,U.K and it is quite possible a branch of this family was transplanted by the English landlords to Tipperary in Ireland ,to run their farms in that area.This will require additional research to ascertain a link,if any.

(Record keepers and census takers assumed that tenant farmers ,labourers and servants were all illiterate,which many were in fact, and would use the phonetic spelling i.e they wrote the name as it sounded,resulting in much confusion in later times when researching family history) Some possible variations are Makem, Macom, Macoom, Meakom

Makemie, McKemey was a name not uncommon in the Fanad area of Northern Ireland in the 17th and 18th century ,and McKim,McKimm was of the Ramelton area. 
MAKIM, John ,of Cloone, County Leitrim, Ireland (I85)
180 (Research): Ref:Scotland Births and Baptisms, 1564- 1955. KIRKPATRICK, Roger ,Esq. ,of Lagganlees,Dumfries,Scotland (I6861)
181 (Research): Also recorded as Sir Ronald or Sir Ranald DE CRAUFORD, Sir Reginald ,Lord of Loudon,4th Sheriff of Ayr (I19374)
182 (Research): An Emily CALLAGHAN married a Robert Hanson in 1928 ,in Oldham,Lancashire,but whether this is the correct person,is not known. MCCALLA Miss (I24437)
183 (Research): An outstanding languages student ,Augustus was nominated by a relative,Austen Henry Layard to study Chinese languages,In 1867,he was appointed student interpreter to the Chinese Consul,travelling to China ,rising through the ranks to third class interpreter,remaining with the Peking delegation until 1870.He was then posted to Formosa to take charge of the consulate.In 1872 he was awarded the Royal Humane Society Silver Medal for saving the crew of a vessel that was shipwrecked during a typhoon.In 1875 he was sent to survey and report on the road from Burma to Western China , and just two days into the trek, he was murdered MARGARY, Augustus Raymond (I12353)
184 (Research): Edward and his sister Mary were twins CORY, Edward Gostwyck ,"The King of Gostwyck" (I8957)
185 (Research): Extract from "Historical record of the Thirty-sixth, or the Herefordshire regiment of foot" By Richard 66
In Bath Abbey a mural tablet to Rev Joshua Shaw Crosse who died in 1826 aged 78 of Kingston in the County of Hereford and various of his descendants records Sacred also to the memory of Major Robert Noble Crosse KH of the Thirty sixth regiment son of the above who died of yellow fever on board HMS Hercules in Carlisle Bay Barbados when on the eve of departing for Canada His remains are entombed within the precincts of St John's Church in the above named island where a tablet has been erected in the cathedral by his brother companions in arms. Also of Lieut Colonel Joshua Crosse KF of Oval's St Crosse Kingston Herefordshire likewise of Thirty sixth regiment eldest son of the above Rev JS Crosse who departed this life February 13th 1846 and is interred at Lyons Hall. 
CROSSE, Rev. Joshua Shaw ,of Lyons Inn,Herts and Friskney Manor House,Lin. (I13728)
186 (Research): George was present at the seige of Louisburg,Cape Breton in 1758.He was later taken prisoner in Newfoundland,but escaped ,and returned to America to serve for another six or seven years.He spent from 1774 to 1781 in Minorca ,losing an eye during the defence of Fort St Phillip. He was also to serve in Flanders from 1794 and Jamaica from 1799. He was promoted to Lieutenant Governor of Port Royal in 1810 George's Burial record states he was 86 years of age when he died.

Ref:Dictionary of National Biography, Volumes 1-20, 22 Record for George Fead. 
FEAD, Lieut-General. George ,of the Royal Regiment of Artillery (I19775)
187 (Research): Given the name of Alexander Muir at birth.His name was legally changed to Alexander Muir Mackenzie added on inheriting his great-uncle John Mackenzie of Delvine's estates.He was created 1st Baronet Muir Mackenzie, of Delvine, co. Perth,Scotland on 9 November 1805 MUIR-MACKENZIE, Sir. Alexander MacKenzie ,Baronet , of Delvine, Scotland (I19153)
188 (Research): In WWI Sid served with the 12th Field Artillery Brigade.He was gassed on 25 October 1918. KINLOCH, Sydney Herbert Alexander (I422)
189 (Research): Ref: Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Tuesday 9 April 1872 p 3 Article"There are two membors of this branch of the Kirkpatrick family in Australia ; one, the wife of the Rev. Thomas Craig, late Presbyterian clergyman of Penrith, New South Wales ; the other, Mr. Kirkpatrick, of the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland, in whose possession are a few silver spoons of curious shape and workmanship, brought over by his ancestors from Scotland" KIRKPATRICK, Jane Gray (I21831)
190 (Research): Ref: Empire (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1875) Tuesday 9 April 1872 p 3 Article"There are two membors of this branch of the Kirkpatrick family in Australia ; one, the wife of the Rev. Thomas Craig, late Presbyterian clergyman of Penrith, New South Wales ; the other, Mr. Kirkpatrick, of the Gulf of Carpentaria, Queensland, in whose possession are a few silver spoons of curious shape and workmanship, brought over by his ancestors from Scotland" KIRKPATRICK, Alexander ,of Maryville,Ipswich,Queensland,Australia (I21835)
191 (Research): The Charteris family of Amisfield and Kilpatrick's of Kirkmichael were constantly feuding. In Pitcairn's Criminal Trials, voume 1, under date March 19 and 20, 1526, John Charteris of Amisfield, Robert and John his sons, Robert Charteris his brother and thirty-nine others, found caution to underlie the law on May 29, in the Tolbooth of Edinburgh, for the slaughter of Roger Kilpatrick, son and heir of Sir Alexander Kilpatrick(sic) of Kirkmichael,Knight, and for the mutilation of the latter; and on the 24th of the same month, Sir Alexander Kilpatrick and his sons, Robert, John, and William, found caution to appear the same day to answer for all crimes to be imputed against them by John Charteris of Amisfield.

He also became security for the entry of William Kilpatrick, his brother, the two sons of the latter, and twenty-three others the same day.

Information recorded here regarding Alexanders children was passed onto Rev. Louis Bezuidenhout, Minister at Kirkmichael, as part of a folio of old papers connected with the parish. The original is a typewritten document, over 18 pages, but there are some blanks and question marks in the original text, which suggest the typescript ,c1919, may itself have been a transcription of an earlier, possibly handwritten, paper.Further provenance of the paper has not been found 
KIRKPATRICK, Sir Alexander ,of Knock,and Conheath.1st Lord Kirkmichael (I6784)
192 (Research): The name given to the valley of the River Nith, Nithsdale is the westernmost of the three ancient divisions of Dumfries-shire and was sometimes referred to as Strathnith or Stranith. It stretches from South Ayrshire to the Solway coast and includes the settlements of Dumfries, Thornhill, Closeburn, Sanquar and Kirkconnel.

The Kirkpatrick family possessed estates in Nithsdale and Annandale as early as the 8th century. Situated on the border ,they were continually engaged in fights and fueds,which make a family historian's task somewhat difficult.

In 1570 the Earl of Sussex entered Nithsdale with an army of 4000,and sacked Closeburn.

In 1646 Douglas and others plundered Closeburn and removed "what was anyway transportable"

In 1748 Closeburn was burnt to the ground,all family portraits and furniture,with the greatest part of all papers and documents were consumed.

There are still ,however,sufficient documents,private and public,to enable a fairly accurate pedigree.

In 1685 the Kirkpatricks' loyalty to Charles I of England was rewarded with a baronetcy,of Nova Scotia.

In the late 17th century the Kirkpatricks moved out of Closeburn Castle to an adjacent, newly built manor house. However, this burned down in 1748, with the castle sustaining some damage. Renovations were made to the castle, and the family moved back into the Keep. The Kirkpatrick family finally sold Closeburn in 1783 to a local minister Dr James Stewart-Menteith. It has since changed hands several times, but is still occupied as a dwelling house. Today it is back in Kirkpatrick hands after being purchased by Don Luis Guillermo Kirkpatrick - O'Donnell of the Spanish family. 
DE KIRKPATRICK, Yvone ,of Nithsdale (I19464)
193 (Research): The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Monday 25 July 1904 p 6 Article "MILITARY SERVICES. The period of service of Major and Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel James Kirkaldy, V.D., of New South Wales, has been extended for two years from May 19, 1904. Major Robert Barber Cropley has resigned his commission."

In the 1851 census of Scotland ,the family name is spelt Kircaldy. 
KIRKALDY, Lt. Col. James ,Commander the 3rd Battery,Volunteer Artillery (I17209)
194 (Research): Thomas may have been adopted into the family,as very little information is available about him ,except that he is listed as eldest on both parents death certs. Info for both certs was given by youngest son, Alex. CLYDESDALE, Thomas (I2863)
195 (Research): WWI Service Number -316 -Army Medical Corps - Hospital Transports

Enlistment date -22nd October 1915

Rank - Sergeant 
WORTHINGTON, Roland Labatt (I21436)
196 (Research):"The Kirkpatrick family first appear in the Isle of Wight in the Newport area in the 18th century. They were to become bankers and prominent members of the local Congregational Chapel. Estates were held at various times at Fairlee, St. Cross and Mount Pleasant in the parishes of Carisbrooke and Whippingham and also in the Undercliff at Niton, centred on Windcliffe. There were smaller landholdings elsewhere. By the early 20th century the landholdings at Mount Pleasant once the heart of the estate were being divided up and sold for development, and the core of the landholdings passed to Niton."
Ref: The UK National Archives 
KIRKPATRICK, John ,of Fairlee,Isle of Wight (I19263)
197 (Research):.Margarets maiden was variously spelt Cleeve,Clive,Cleeves,Cleaves,Cleves. CLEAVES, Margaret Louisa (I1010)
198 (Research):5th daughter of James Robert Johnstone,of Alva,Clackmannanshire. JOHNSTONE, Sophia Matilda ,of Alva,County Clackmannan,Scotland (I19164)
199 (Research):A complete record of the court proceedings can be found in "Central Criminal Court. Minutes of evidence By Great Britain. Central Criminal Court, Henry Buckler "Page 612-617. THEAK, John ,Transported Convict (I13694)
200 (Research):A James Spence was a witness at sister Janes wedding to John Pearson,in 1852,in Melbourne,Australia.
His death record incorrectly records his mother as Sarah Moore 
SPENCE, James (I11557)

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