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10551 Writer to the Signet in Scotland, a senior solicitor conducting cases in the Court of Session; originally a clerk in the Secretary of State's office who prepared writs for the Signet. CAMPBELL, John Kirkpatrick ,Writer to the Signet,of Glenfeochan,County Argyll (I8712)
10552 WW I Regimental Number 3625 .L/Cpl 53rd Battalion Occupation Labourer GIBSON, Robert Thomas (I1000)
10553 WW I Service No 1577.9th Light Trench Mortar Battery .George never married. MAKIM, George Scanlon B.E.M (I80)
10554 WW I Service Number 32030 KIRKPATRICK, Robert ,of "Boxton",Elsmore,New South Wales,Australia (I57)
10555 WW II Service Number - NX135810 LUNDIE-JENKINS, Kenneth Brandon ,of 'Bunoon' Tambar Springs,New South Wales (I21240)
10556 WW II Service Number NX 71298 .Served in the Middle East and later in New Guinea.On arrival in New Guinea transferred to ANGAU ,serving in both the New Guinea and New Britain regions.At one stage was attached to and under the direct command of the U.S Marines-(Stoneface Group -Battalion Landing Team 21).

In a strange coincidence his eldest son David's Vietnam Service number was 2792189. 
KIRKPATRICK, Samuel James (I21)
10557 WW II Service Number NX11942.Place of enlistment - Paddington NSW PERRITT, Frederick Cameron (I101)
10558 WW II Service Number V49198- enlisted at Coburg Victoria. DEAN, John Mervyn (I2179)
10559 WWI Service Number - 823, -12th Light Horse MURRAY, Norman Bruce (I2068)
10560 Younger twin of Wallace Ross MAKIM, Bruce Hume (I127)
10561 Yvone was witness to a charter of Robert de Brus ,the Elder, prior to 1141,granting the fishing rights at Torduff to the monks of Abbeyholm.It was confirmed by Robert the Bruce's son ,who was Lord of Annandale 1141-1171.At this time,Robert also again granted fishing rights to Yvone for Blawode and Eister.

I will add the legend of the Closeburn Swans at this point of the family story - there is mention of this legend in the records of Sir Thomas ,the 1st Baronet of Closeburn,later in this history.

In days gone by, the lake of Closeburn Castle was the favourite resort during the summer season of a pair of swans, their arrival always being welcome to the family at the castle from a long established belief that they were ominous of good fortune to the Kirkpatricks.

A young heir of Closeburn Castle(a lad of not quite thirteen years of age)in one of his visits to Edinburgh attended at the theatre a performance of "The Merchant of Venice," in the course of which he was surprised to hear Portia say of Bassanio that he should "Make a swan-like end, Fading in music."

Often wondering whether swans really sang before dying he determined, at the first opportunity, to test the truth of these words for himself. On his return home, he was one day walking by the lake when the swans came sailing majestically towards him, and at once reminded of Portia's remark. Without a moment's thought, he lodged in the breast of the foremost one a bolt from his crossbow, killing it instantly. Frightened at what he had done, he made up his mind it should not be known; and, as the water drifted the dead body of the bird towards the shore, he buried it deep in the ground. No small surprise, however, was occasioned in the neighbourhood, when, for several years, no swans made their annual appearance, the idea at last being that they must have died in their native home, wherever that might chance to be. The yearly visit of the swans of Closeburn had become a thing of the past, when one day much excitement was caused by the return of a single swan, and much more so when a deep blood-red stain was observed upon its breast.
As might be expected, this unlooked-for occurrence occasioned grave suspicions even amongst those who had no great faith in omens; and that such fears were not groundless was soon abundantly clear, for in less than a week the lord of Closeburn Castle died suddenly. Thereupon the swan vanished, and was seen no more for some years, when it again appeared to announce the loss of one of the house by shipwreck.

The last recorded appearance of the bird was at the third nuptials of Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick, the first Baronet. On the wedding-day, his son Roger was walking by the lake, when, on a sudden, as if it had emerged from the waters, the swan appeared with the bleeding breast. Roger had heard of this mysterious swan, and, although his father's wedding bells were ringing merrily, he himself returned to the castle a sorrowful man, for he felt convinced that some evil was hanging over him. Despite his father's jest at what he considered groundless superstition on his part, the young man could not shake off his fears, replying to his father, "Perhaps before long you also may be sorrowful."On the night of that very day the son supposedly died.. 
DE KIRKPATRICK, Yvone ,of Nithsdale (I19464)
10562 Yvonne was residing in England with her husband and son ,in 1947, at the time of her fathers death. COX, Yvonne Villiers Fabian (I13165)
10563 Zachary was descended from the family of the Boyds of Pinkell in Carrick (Ayrshire). He was cousin to Mr Andrew Boyd, bishop of Argyle, and Mr Robert Boyd of Trochrig BOYD, Rev. Zachary ,Minister of the Barony of Glasgow. (I9489)

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