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10451 The youngest of the three boys, David returned home to Kenbally in 1919 and with the help of his brother George Neill MAGILL (1861-1952) assisted in the cost of building a hospital wing on the Waveney Hospital as well as refurbishing the First Broughshane Presbyterian Church and erecting a Magill Hall. Their father David was a member of the old Ballymena Board of Guardians. MAGILL, David Hartley (I19645)
10452 Their residence was "The Cottage",Limuru,Nairobi,Kenya. Family F2405
10453 Their children Claude ,and Filomena ,both died at the same place on the same day ,so it may have been the result of a vehicle accident. Family F6472
10454 Their children were all born at Fordell(originally spelt Fordel) ,the mine area where the Kinloch men worked. Family F1699
10455 Their descendants can be found in Burkes L.G.I. Family F1980
10456 Their descendants can be found in "Roots in Ulster Soil" Family F1160
10457 Their descendants, who still live at Croydon Park, altered the spelling of the name to Stavely.In the Index to Irish Marriages the spelling is Stevely Family F2048
10458 Theodore was the son of (Johann)John and Amelia Daub,of Germany,who arrived in the USA on 6 Jun 1848 ,on the ship"Glenlyon".John Daub was the founder of John Daub's Sons Grocers,the largest in Pittsburgh in the late 1800s and early 1900s. DAUB, Theodore George (I16262)
10459 There appears to be two daughters by the name of Mary in the family.Records of the Victorian BDM register list a Mary Thompson Wilson marrying George Batson ,in 1874, and this marriage is also written in family records(but only as Mary) ,but in mother Anna's probate notice of 8 October 1915, "Mary Louise Wilson,Spinster, of Eastbourne,England"", is recorded as the executrix.

Mary Louise Wilson herself left a very wealthy estate toWilson, Bridges and Lutterell nephews,nieces, and also her sister Annie.There is no mention of any Batson children being beneficiaries.(Ref:The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842-1954), Monday 25 May 1936, page 10) 
WILSON, Mary Louise ,of Eastbourne, England (I12563)
10460 There are differing opinions as to the father of George Kirkpatrick of Knock, James Kirkpatrick of Collumpton,and Robert Kirkpatrick of Glenkiln. Some records have the father of George ,Robert and James listed as "William Kirkpatrick,last Lord Kirkmichael", but others "Thomas Kirkpatrick of Knock",including those produced to prove the ancient lineages of the Spanish branch , and I will follow the record of Mr James Campbell Gracie Jnr,,of Dumfries, who, in 1860 ,cleared the overgrown family grave in Garrel Kirkyard and made notes regarding the inscription.(Garrel or Garvald is an ancient parish in Dumfriesshire.The parish was annexed c1674,partly to Johnstone ,but mainly to Kirkmichael)

(Mr Gracie's mother Jean Cowan is recorded as a niece of Mary Wilson ,of Kelton ,and her husband William Kirkpatrick of Conheath,and at other times he himself is described as a grandnephew of a Mrs Kirkpatrick,of Kirkmichael or Kelton.He was a well known and much respected antiquarian and genealogist of his time.

Memorials of St Michaels, pub. 1876 states- "James Gracie died 23rd March 1814 aged 58. Also his wife Jean Cowan died 15th October 1836 aged 88, niece of Mary Wilson of Kelton, wife of William Kirkpatrick of Conheath and great-grandmother of Eugenie,Empress of the French, also their son William died 27/3/1813 aged 32, and their second son, a brevet major in the 21st infantry regiment at the taking of Genoa and the battle of Bladensberg,wounded at the forlorn hope at the capture of Washington and killed aged 30 at the battle of Baltimore. Other children Jessie Wilson died at 30,Margaret at 58, John at 57 and Johns wife Isabella Campbell,of Springfield,Galloway. The son of John was James Campbell Gracie who was still alive at the time of the books publishment.")

The graves were in good preservation and the inscription read as follows "Here lies the corps(sic) of William Kirkpatrick who departed this life 9th June 1686.His eldest son George of Knock,who departed this life 1738 aged 67 years". Also engraved was the family Coat of Arms carved in high relief.

But in correspondence to Notes and Queries ,Saturday ,January 4,1873 Dr Gracie wrote- "In the year 1852-3 I was asked by William Sharpe, Esq., of Hoddam, to endeavour to trace out the connecting link of the Conheath family with the parent stem of the tree of the Kirkpatrick's of Closeburn and Mr. Sharpe gave me all the benefit of his learned brother's papers on the subject. set to work to do so. I found embedded, feet deep in the soil, the gravestone of William, last baron of Kirkmichael, Robert of Glenkiln's tombstone, and Thomas of Knocks', all in Garrel Kirkyard. By desire of my friend and relative the late Mrs. Proudfoot of Cragieburn , the then nearest descendant of the Kirkmichael family residing in that district, had the stones set up, repaired, and painted and they may be seen there to this day. The last child surviving of William of Conheath , Miss Jane Kirkpatrick, of Nithbank by Dumfries was then residing there and from her got manuscript holograph list, by William Kirkpatrick, of his children born to him by Mary Wilson and all my other information was equally valid and accurate."

So it appears the interpretation of Dr. Gracie's letters,by Alexander de La Pere Kirkpatrick,in his private family record, may be the cause of confusion,as he appears to have missed Dr Gracie's reference to Thomas of Knock.I surmise that William Kirkpatrick,last Lord of Kirkmichael ,was the father of Thomas of Knock, who in turn was the father of Maj.George Kirkpatrick,of Knock,James Kirkpatrick,of Cullompton, and Robert Kirkpatrick of Glenkiln.(Robert of Glenkiln was also buried in Garrel Churchyard,close by his father and brother.)

A third son ,James, is said to have married in England(there are scant records for James ,and Maj.Gen Charles Kirkpatrick includes records in his family history that also list him as a son of "Thomas of Knock"(pg 185) and brother of "Robert of Glenkiln". I include him here also, after receiving records from Don Enrique Kirkpatrick-Mendaro of Spain, stating James was a son of "Thomas of Knock" also. (Alexander deLaPere Kirkpatrick recorded that Robert and George were sons of William Kirkpatrick "of Conheath and Kirkmichael", but does not mention a James at all).

When William,the last Lord of Kirkmichael, died in 1686,the remainder of estate was sold to the Charteris family of Amisfield, (who had previously purchased a large portion of the Barony in 1622 and also received the Kirkmichael title at that time), the proceeds divided amongst his sons. These sons in turn began their own family branches, both fairing differently.

William's sons lands at Knock, and Glenkiln, were a portion of the larger Kirkmichael and Pleulands estate,and were retained by them. 
KIRKPATRICK, William ,of Conheath, Last Lord of Kirkmichael. (I6471)
10461 There are many family stories about Agnes, a very strong woman. If you upset her, you upset her for life. When she was a child she was riding on a stage coach up front with the driver and the coach was held up by bushrangers. The bushranger said "the little missey may step down" and he lifted her down off the driver's seat and she stood and watched him rob everyone on the coach. Her father's ancestors arrived in New South Wales in the mid 1800's. One of these, a Charles Smith, was granted a selection of land in 1863 being 2,000 acres. He named the property "Agdin Green". MCKENZIE, Agnes (I17444)
10462 There are no burial details found in the records , so it must be assumed James remains one of the countless thousands of young men whose bodies were never recovered.
As there is also no record of his being seen by a medic,and being officially declared deceased ,it must be assumed he died on the battle field.*

*Example of a fallen soldiers record.(Whose death was verified by a medical officer)
Soldaat 2 kl OV 1916 =Rank
3 Linie / 2 Cie =Regiment
(19u45) - Time of Death (7.45pm) =Medical Officers report
Adinkerke** (graf 2143), 1917/08/09 (11u00) =Buried in Grave 2143 in Adinkerke,on the 9th Aug 1917 ,at 11am.

James Record Reads
Soldaat 2 kl OV =Rank
13 Linie 2/1 =Regiment
1914/10/24 = Date of death
There is no more information on his file.

**Unlike the British army, who interred their fallen near to where they fell ,if possible, in uniform graves and cemetaries, the Belgian Army gave permission to the family to go and collect their relatives and bury them close to their house, in a civil grave. 
KIRKPATRICK, James Alfred ,of the 13 Line Regt 2/1st Btn,Belgian Army (I24713)
10463 There are several different spelling of Catherine's surname -Marnow,Marno,Marlow,Marrow.

Katherine or (Catherine) was born in Bolivia, New England, in 1855. Katherine's father was John Windeyer (or Marlow). Many of the Aboriginal families who befriended the Windeyer's changed their name from the Aboriginal; as seen with 'Jack Congo Murrell Windeyer', an Aboriginal man who befriended the Windyer family.
At the age of twenty, in 1875, Katherine married a European by the name of William Wallace at Stanthorpe, Queensland. Katherine spent many years at Dorrigo, New South Wales where she is buried under the maiden name of 'Windier'.The death certificate of William Wallace, Katherine's husband,states Catherine's heritage as Aboriginal. 
MARNO, Catherine Jane"Kate" (I26394)
10464 There are several differing accounts of how many daughters Gilchrist in fact fathered.Some accounts ,including "History of the County of Ayr" Vol II by Paterson , and TJG Bennett's "Families of North Antrim"state there were two,Elizabeth(who married Sir Godfrey Ross) and Anicia (who married Richard Boyle of Culliburn{Kelburn}).

In Sir William Mure's "The Historie and descent of the House of Rowallane" ,an editorial notation also lists an Alicia Mure ,who married George Dumbar of Mochrum,but clearly does not discount Anicia as a daughter.

John Burke ,in his "Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the British Empire" lists Sir Richard Boyle ,Knt,of Kelburn ,marrying Margery,daughter of Sir Walter Cumin - this Richard was alive during the reign of Alexander III the same era as those mentioned above.
Family F3623
10465 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F732
10466 There are two entties for a male child ,unnamed, born to John H, and Anne Trevena , in Orange in 1863 NSW BDM entries 11340/1863 , and 11349/1863 TREVENA, Thomas Kitto ,Miner,of Broken Hill,New South Wales. (I21217)
10467 There are two separate entries for Hugh Wallace McCammon in the church register.It has to be assumed that this child died prior to Hugh Wallace the younger being born in 1859. MCCAMMON, Hugh Wallace (I26653)
10468 There are two transcriptions of Lucy's marriage in the NSW BDM , one using the surname spelt Jeffkins,and the other Jiffkins JEFFKINS, Lucy Rachel (I14986)
10469 There doesn't appear to have been any children of the marriage.

In her Will of 2nd Apr. 1901,Elizabeth left her estate to her sister Ellen Jenkinsen and nephews ,William B. Bratten, Charles J. Bratten and James Harry Bratten.An opal ring ,a gift from her sister in law Mary Jane Paisley(wife of Hugh Woodside) was beqeathed to her niece Anna Mary Woodside ( daughter of Hugh Woodside and Mary Jane Paisley.) 
Family F6828
10470 There has been no record of the marriage found , and some say that a marriage was never formalised Family F2210
10471 There is a legend that says the Antonine Wall was broken by Greme, a great Caledonian chief, as he drove the Roman legions out of his country. This, unfortunately, might never be proven.

From the records available, the first Graham known in Scotland was Sir William de Graham, a knight who accompanied David I, England's premier baron, on his journey north to claim the Scottish crown.

In 1128 he witnessed the foundation charter of the Abbey of Holyrood. Sir William's name can be traced back to the English manor of Grey Home, which is recorded in William the Conqueror's Doomsday Book..

John Stewart,in his book "The Grahams" wrote, It is remarkable that the early Grahams were one and all exceedingly capable men. In an age when the reputation of many great public figures, alas, that of most of the Scottish nobility, were sullied by deeds of violence, and often deeds of blackest treachery, it is refreshing to find that the Grahams stand out as loyal and true to the causes they espoused. Their story is not one of rapid rise to power through royal favour, or even at the expense of their peers, but rather a gradual steady rise based on their undoubted ability and worthiness which seems to have endured from one generation to another..

DE GRAHAM, William ,of Abercorn and Dalkeith (I7837)
10472 There is a pedigree of this family in Burke's L.G.I,but apparently it is less than complete , and quite incorrect in places(Ref:T JG Bennett's book "North Antrim Families.)
Colvin appears in the 1776 Poll Book, Freeholders voting in General Election ,as "of Carnduff",Parish of Inver or Ramoan. 
WOODSIDE, Colvin ,of Carnduff,County Antrim (I11697)
10473 There is also a record of an Isobel Lister Reid -born 1907 and died 1916(perhaps Kitty was a family nickname for Isobel) REID, Kitty (I22090)
10474 There is are no further information for this couple in available records. Family F912
10475 There is possibly a generation missing from these records , as William would have been around sixty four years of age when his youngest son was born if these records are correct. GLENDINNING-GLENDEINEN, William ,at Castle (I21728)
10476 There is possibly a mistake in the transcribing of Constance's Birth record from the handwritten records. Constance's sister Ivannah(in her marriage notice in 1907,and her death notice in 1914) is clearly described as the second daughter ,and she was born in 1884,and Constance registration year is transcribed as 1885.
Some records also list Norman Vivian Slaughter as Constance' husband , but Norman married Evelyn Constance Craig,on 10 Jan 1917.Evelyn Constance Craig was born on 3 Nov 1891 ,daughter of Robert Henry Craig ,and Alice Lofthouse. 
CRAIG, Constance Elvine Kirkpatrick (I24666)
10477 There is some confusion on the number of generations of Sir Williams.This generation may be incorrect BAILLIE, Sir William ,of Lamington, Lanarkshire, Scotland (I7045)
10478 There was reputedly another son of this marriage ,Reynold ,the eldest son and heir,who was left in England at King David's redemption.(Sons of many prominant families were held hostage until the Kings ransom was fully paid.This often took many years and many of the hostages actually died in confinement.) Family F3621
10479 There were changes in the spelling of the surname over the years.Some records are spelt Erwin/Irvine/Irving ERWIN, Patrick ,Transported Convict (I5031)
10480 There were more unknown issue Family F2076
10481 There were six children Family F728
10482 These dates have not been verified. STEPHENSON, Sophia (I13709)
10483 These Sinclairs are said to be related to the Cramsies in some way. SINCLAIR, James ,of Druckendult ,North Antrim,Northern Ireland (I11417)
10484 They had no children Family F155
10485 They had six children. Family F726
10486 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F731
10487 They have issue. Family F1416
10488 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F729
10489 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F730
10490 They were aged when they married,thus no issue was to come from the marriage. Family F3742
10491 They were the ancestors of all subsequent sovereigns.(See Burke's Peerage).
King Robert II had more children than any other King of Scotland, in all 15 by his two marriages. The King's first wife, Elizabeth Mure of Rowallan, daughter of Sir Adam Mure, had formerly been his mistress.
He married her in 1336, but this marriage was said to be uncanonical. Robert and Elizabeth were re-married in 1347 and all of their 10 children were legitimated at this date 
Family F1217
10492 Third and youngest daughter of Mr. John Small, of Ryde SMALL, Elizabeth Charlotte (I26211)
10493 Third son of Captain William Gray, of Weymouth, England. GRAY, Alfred ,son of Captain William Gray, of Weymouth, England (I24848)
10494 Thirza was engaged to Gostwyck Geoffrey Hingston ,but whilst in England during WWI he met , and later married Cecilia Withycombe(in 1919). Thirza's brother William married Mabel Dolly Naomi Hingston(Gostwyck's sister). WAUGH, Thirza Jeanette (I198)
10495 This appears to be Georges third marriage. Family F6531
10496 This association with the Lyle family of The Topp is detailed in "North Antrim Families", by T.J.G Bennett.
Ref:Ireland, Civil Registration Marriages Index, 1845-1958 In 1911 Thomas,Mary ,Thomas' mother Annie and sister Harriet were living in house 1 in Topp, Upper (Stranocum, Antrim) 
Family F6983
10497 This baby died at birth. WOODS Baby (I2465)
10498 This birth date may be incorrect -Francis was most likely born within a few years of his sibling of the same dying.This was common practice ,ie- a child of the same gender born after the death of a younger sibling , often took the name SIMPSON, Francis (I6086)
10499 This branch of the family maintained the spelling PIRRET.There are in fact many variations, and this branch also maintains the same spelling (PIRRET) back through their ancestry. Records for this branch were supplied by Suzanne Pirret,Peter's 4th Great Grand daughter. PIRRET, Peter (I1285)
10500 This couple were known as drunkards and wastrels, and nearly lost the entire family estates,reputation and fortune. Family F1183

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