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Contained within this site are the comprehensive records of the Kirkpatrick family . Commencing with Yvone de Kirkpatrick of Kilosbern , and including the records of the Closeburn , Kirkmichael , Bridburgh , Auchinleck , Conheath ,Torthorwald , Drumcondra , Donacomper , Indian , Isle of Wight and Spanish branches of the family ,with particular emphasis on the descendants of John Kirkpatrick of Ballynagashel House , North Antrim,Northern Ireland, and his wife Jane Wallace , of Broughanore . Also included are the records of many of the families associated with the Kirkpatrick's via marriage throughout the ages,from Australia ,Belgium, Scotland , Ireland ,Italy , Canada,Kenya ,England ,The United States ,Honduras , Spain,Peru , New Zealand and many other countries,including the ancestors and descendants of Robert "The Bruce"and Sir William Wallace "The Great Patriot" - cousins of the Kirkpatrick's.

Research,Sources and Data Collection-
Many of the records contained within this site were collated with the kind assistance of family members throughout Australia,Belgium , Scotland , Ireland ,Italy , Canada , Kenya , England , Honduras , The United States , Spain,Peru, and New Zealand. Many old Parish,Church,Census and Graveyard records ,Birth,Death and Marriage repositories ,Immigration and Shipping Lists in many countries have proved to be a great source of information.Invaluable information was also obtained from many written records,including "North Antrim Families"by TJG Bennett,"The Historie and Descent of the House of Rowallane"by Sir William Mure,"Closeburn Kirkpatricks" by Maj.Gen Charles Kirkpatrick,"Chronicles of the Kirkpatrick Family" by Alexander de LaPere Kirkpatrick,"William Kirkpatrick of Malaga",by Colin Carlin and the Australian Makim Family reunion booklet "A Long Way From Tipperary".

In Appreciation
Sincere appreciation is extended to all who have contributed,and in particular Don Enrique Kirkpatrick - Mendaro ,Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta,Marques de Placetas, who most graciously supplied many of the Spanish branch records. Colin Carlin , author of "William Kirkpatrick of Malaga",was always of great assistance, and a special thank you to my cousin, and mentor, Linde Lunney , for her patience and guidance.

We trust you will enjoy your journey through the site, and please take a moment to read the Dedication to those members of our family who gave their all in the service of their countries.

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